Jordan River Moving & Storage employs the best long distance movers in Portland. We are a quality local moving company trained to handle any moving job, whether it’s big, small, local, or overseas. We are committed to providing hassle-free moves that will get you to your destination on time and with your belongings safe and secure.

Any type of move, whether local or cross-country, can be extremely stressful. Long distance moving can often come with unplanned expenses that can set you back on money, time, or both. Hiring the first cheap long distance movers without any research can leave you with inefficient service, so doing additional research on the best long distance moving companies in Portland can ensure you receive the most comprehensive service.

Movers in long distance jobs will offer different services. It’s best to research moving companies in long distance moves to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money.

Our team at Jordan River Moving is proud to be the best long distance movers in Portland. Whether you’re looking to move businesses or homes in the same city or a different country, we will tailor our services to your needs to ensure your move is done as smoothly as possible.


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Jordan River Moving & Storage Services

At Jordan River Moving, we offer various long distance moving services to provide our clients with peace of mind. We help you at every step of the journey to ensure a smooth and easy moving process. We know that every move is different, so we personalize our services to fit your needs on your moving day. We handle every job with the utmost efficiency and safety, so you never have to worry about your belongings.

We are committed to being one of the most reliable and comprehensive long distance moving companies in Portland.


Local Moves

Our team at Jordan River Moving provides you with an accurate estimate of your move so there are no surprises. In calculating our prices, several factors help determine our rates. Our local moves are charged per hour, including packing. Our rate is based on the number of movers and trucks required for the move.

Our time charges include the hours to load and unload, driving time from pickup to destination, as well as a travel time charge. The travel time covers the time it takes to drive from our office to the pickup point and from the destination to our office. You will have a relocation coordinator that provides you with an estimate for your hourly rate and a flat travel time.

Our team offers free in-home estimates for an accurate quote, with a guarantee that the labor hours will not exceed 25% more than the written estimate. Whether you’re looking for local or long distance movers in Portland, Jordan River Moving provides comprehensive services for any move.


Cross-Country Moves

If you’re moving long distance, our team explains our pricing methods to help you get an accurate estimate prior to your moving day. Our long distance moves are charged based on weight and distance. Our movers weigh the vehicle before and after loading your belongings to determine the weight of your shipment.

Your initial estimate will remain the same if your original list of goods doesn’t change on your moving day. As the customer, you are responsible for ensuring that all items to be moved are included in the estimate we provide you. You should mention any change in the number of boxes or items prior to your move or on the move day so your relocation coordinator can make the appropriate adjustments.

Our packing services are charged per box for long distance moves, but we include furniture wrapping, moving blankets, and tape at no additional cost as part of our moving services. If you’re looking for long distance movers near me in Portland, get in touch with our team at Jordan River Moving for a premium, hassle-free cross-country move.


Office Moves

We have in-depth experience in all business moves. To properly prepare for your move, our team will request a floor plan of your new facilities to become familiar with the layout. We will provide you with color-coded labels for your items that correspond with designated areas of your new facilities to streamline your moving process.

During your office move, one thing to consider is how much packing you’d like your employees to do themselves. Our representatives are available to meet with your employees and teach them how to pack their belongings properly. Whether you decide to have your employees pack or would prefer our team to do the job, we will deliver the appropriate services and materials tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re looking for business movers or cheap long distance movers in Portland, our team at Jordan River Moving ensures every detail of your move is handled for a seamless moving process.


Overseas Moves

Long distance moves, especially international moves, can be overwhelming with the amount of details you have to take care of. To assist with your overseas move, our team offers comprehensive services, including:

  •     Helping you with required documents to move overseas
  •     Making sure your goods meet all customs regulations before pickup
  •     Helping you with inventory and prepare your items
  •     Ensuring your items are properly packed to arrive safely
  •     Providing necessary materials for packaging and handling
  •     Providing direct NVOCC quotes without additional fees
  •     Dealing directly with the shipper at the best prices

If you’ve been looking for long distance moving companies near me, Jordan River Moving should be at the top of your list. We can help you move stress-free with our door-to-door service anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for cheap long distance moving companies, Jordan River Moving offers the best and most reliable moving services with the best prices in the industry.


Best Long Distance Moving Company in Portland

If you’re in the market for long-distance movers in Portland, you can trust Jordan River Moving will all your moving needs. Our highly professional team has experience with local, cross-country, office, and overseas moves, so we are fully equipped to help you prepare for your next destination.

With Jordan River Moving, you can enjoy a hassle-free move, whether it’s down the street or across the country. Get in touch with our team at 503-445-0880 to learn more about our professional moving services.


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