Every minute counts in a business environment. Thus, when it comes to office moving, you have to work with a team of commercial movers that can guarantee a fast and stress-free experience.

At Jordan River Moving & Storage, we are proud to be Vancouver’s top office and commercial moving company. Our expert team can help relocate all kinds of businesses, from one-person offices to large corporate establishments. Our meticulous approach and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to complete commercial moves within or outside Vancouver safely.

Our team of specially trained office movers knows how to relocate sensitive equipment such as workstations, computer servers, furniture, electronics, and more. We know how to allocate manpower for the move to make sure we complete it within your deadline.

We provide commercial moving services tailored to your brand’s specific needs. You can’t go wrong with our team if you’re searching for commercial movers near me in Vancouver!


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Jordan River Moving #1 Office Movers in Vancouver

Below are some of the items we move during commercial moves and how we handle each of them:

  • Flat-screen and smart TVs: We protect and pack them in boxes of matching sizes.
  • Computers: We wrap all computers up and pack them in cardboard boxes.
  • Paintings and art sculptures: We pack these in picture crates or cardboard.
  • General office electronics: We pack each unit and the accompanying cables in corresponding boxes.
  • Chairs and office couches: We wrap up each unit with moving blankets before taping for complete protection.
  • Tables: We disassemble tables where possible before wrapping the parts up.
  • Servers: We wrap up each unit with blankets and pack them in padded boxes.

We are one of the commercial moving companies you can depend on to move various office items safely.


Our Complete Office Moving Process

Here’s what you can expect when you choose Jordan River Moving & Storage as your office moving company in Vancouver:


Initial Consultations

Our office moving services specialist will meet with you to discuss the job’s specifics. We’ll complete a walk-through of your current premises and take an inventory of the items you’d like to move. We’ll request the new location to enable us to evaluate the project logistics effectively.

At this stage, we’ll pay attention to your needs and expectations. Our team excels at creating plans that help take care of client concerns. We ensure you can focus on your business instead of sweating over the move.



This phase involves creating a plan that incorporates everything we need to make the move a success. This includes trucking, labor, packing, and mapping. Once we finalize the plan, we’ll provide you with an estimate for the project.


Move Execution

On the agreed-upon date(s), our commercial movers will arrive on schedule to begin the moving process. We’ll protect your walls, floors, and items while we work on the move. We start with packing and loading priority items first.

We follow our mapping plan to move items in the right order and to ensure we put each item where you want them to be within your new office.


Project Completion

At this stage, we have fully relocated and unwrapped all your office equipment. We’ll complete the final checks with you to be sure you’re satisfied. If you’d like us to deviate from the original map for item placement, we’ll implement those changes before we draw the line over the project.

Contact us to get started on your commercial move today.


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Why Choose Jordan River Moving for Office and Commercial Moves?

Businesses in Vancouver trust us as their commercial movers for the following reasons:

  • We are a fully insured moving company with all the relevant local and federal accreditation.
  • We offer businesses unparalleled flexibility with commercial moves. We can work weekdays, nights, and weekends to complete the move without disrupting the business process.
  • We have modern, safe, well-maintained trucks outfitted with GPS tracking to keep your items secure.
  • We know all moving considerations in Vancouver and beyond. You don’t have to worry about details like traffic laws, parking restrictions, building entry restrictions, and more.
  • We don’t charge any extra fees outside of the initial estimate. All travel-related expenses, such as fuel and toll, are included in the final price.

Your search for a commercial moving near me ends here! See why we are one of the top office moving companies.


We Are Expert Commercial Movers for Any Business Type

At Jordan River Moving & Storage, we have a robust team of highly skilled professionals on call for every moving project. Some of the businesses we can move include:

  • Small offices
  • Industrial facilities
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitality services
  • Healthcare providers
  • Academic centers

Our office relocation services team includes handymen, carpenters, packers, and PC technicians, all working together to make your move seamless and stress-free.

In line with the old maxim about a workman only being as sharp as his tools, we ensure all our team members have everything they need to make the move go according to plan. Beyond safety gear, we have a special labeling and inventory system that makes it impossible for items to go missing.

We use special plastic sheets to protect floors and walls from damage as we move crates, pallets, and bulky items.

Our trucks, trailers, and vans are modern units we service regularly to prevent breakdowns and accidents that may put your items at risk.

Loading and unloading the vehicles is also super-efficient because all the trucks have multiple access doors, ramps, lift gates, and more. It’s not hard to see why people searching “office moving near me” in Vancouver often choose us.


Visit Jordan River Moving for a Complete Commercial Move

End your search for “office movers near me in Vancouver” with a team you can depend on.

Official and commercial moves may seem insurmountable, but not when you work with an experienced company like our team. We have years of experience helping businesses of all sizes make light work of their relocation, and we can help yours too.

Contact Jordan River Moving & Storage today to find out why we are the preferred commercial movers in Vancouver.


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