how to move to the uk from the us


Dreaming of life across the pond? The United Kingdom, with its rich history, vibrant cities, and diverse culture, attracts many Americans seeking a new adventure. If you’re considering moving to the UK from USA, this guide will provide essential information to help you navigate the process. Let’s explore the reasons behind this popular move, the logistics involved, and how to make your transition smooth and successful. For expert assistance during your relocation, explore our overseas move services.


How An International Moving Company Can Make Your Move Easier

An experienced company specializing in international moving services, like Jordan River Moving, can significantly simplify your UK move. Here’s how:

  • Guidance: Expert help with complex visa paperwork, customs, and importation requirements.
  • Packing: Professional packing and labeling to ensure your belongings arrive safely.
  • Travel and moving Insurance: Protection for your possessions during transit.
  • Moving with pets: Help with any necessary pet relocation procedures and documentation.


Pros and Cons of Moving to England from the US

Before embarking on this journey, it’s crucial to weigh the advantages and potential challenges:


  • Shared language:  Ease of communication makes the transition smoother.
  • Cultural richness: Experience the UK’s history, diverse cities, and unique traditions.
  • Travel opportunities:  Explore Europe with ease.
  • Quality healthcare:  Access to the National Health Service (NHS).


  • Cost of living:  Certain UK areas can be expensive.
  • Weather: Less sunshine and more rain than in some parts of the US.
  • Smaller living spaces: Homes and apartments in major cities may be smaller and more expensive than in some parts of the US.
  • Culture shock:  Adapting to the UK’s way of life takes time.


how to move to england


How To Move To UK From USA

Things to know and do before moving to England (or the UK) from the US

Understanding Visa Requirements for US Citizens moving to the UK from US

A move to England from the USA requires a valid UK visa for stays exceeding six months. Explore different visa options (work, student, family-based, etc.), carefully research eligibility requirements, and start the application process well in advance to allow for processing times. Types of visas for US citizens, including skilled worker visas, student visas, family visas, investor visas, and more. Those seeking permanent residence or UK citizenship will need to explore pathways like the UK ancestry visa or meeting the requirements of indefinite leave.

Securing Employment for Your Move to the UK from USA

If you need to work in the UK, there are a few paths: secure a job offer with a UK company willing to sponsor your visa, explore remote work options, or investigate potential routes to self-employment within the UK. Understanding employment rights and the UK job market is key to a smooth transition. A confirmed job offer with a UK employer can help secure a work visa. Remote work for an American company or self-employment in the UK are other potential paths.

Managing Your Finances for Moving from US to UK

Setting up a UK bank account and understanding the tax system are crucial steps when planning your move. Thorough budgeting helps ensure a smooth financial transition, especially given the potential differences in the cost of living between the US and the UK. For budgeting tips, check out our page on the cheapest moving boxes places. Americans moving to the UK will need to set up a bank account and understand UK taxes. Budgeting for potential visa fees and cost of living differences is essential.

Understanding the UK’s Work Culture

Be prepared to adapt to potential differences in work-life balance, hierarchy, and workplace etiquette in the UK compared to the US. Researching common UK workplace practices can help ease your transition. Researching workplace practices, including norms around work-life balance, can help ease the transition for American expats.

Healthcare and Security in the UK

The UK boasts excellent healthcare through the National Health Service (NHS) and is generally a safe country to live in. Familiarize yourself with the NHS system and how to access healthcare as a resident. The National Health Service (NHS) provides healthcare and may require a healthcare surcharge depending on your visa type.

Finding Housing in England (or other parts of the UK)

Research neighborhoods in different parts of the UK that fit your budget and lifestyle. Learn the ins and outs of securing housing, whether it’s renting in London or exploring smaller cities and towns in Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales.

Understanding Banking and Tax Implications of Moving to the UK from the US

Familiarizing yourself with the UK banking system and its tax regulations is essential. This knowledge will help you avoid financial surprises and manage your money effectively during your move. The UK government website provides resources on taxes and banking for those relocating from the US.


how to move to england from usa


Understanding Visa Requirements for US Citizens Moving to the UK

  • The Importance of UK visas for US citizens: Moving to the UK from the USA requires a valid UK visa for any stay extending beyond six months. Start the research and application process early to allow for potential processing times.
  • Explore different visa options: Research the main visa types (work, student, family-based, etc.) that might align with your circumstances.
  • Eligibility and Requirements: Understand the specific eligibility criteria and documentation needed for your chosen UK visa type.


Choose a Reliable International Moving Company and Book Their Services In Advance

Do your research, compare quotes and services, and book your mover well in advance of your move to the UK. Contact Jordan River Moving for a free quote and to learn more about our specialized services.


Moving to the UK from the USA is a significant undertaking, but with careful planning, including researching visa requirements and understanding the cost of living, you can achieve a successful transition. If you’re ready to start your UK journey,  visit the Jordan River Moving website for further assistance.