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Are you considering moving to Portland, Oregon? Or are you interested in visiting Rose City? Either way, Portland has something for everybody: countless historic neighborhoods featuring wonderful nightlife, tasty restaurants, and, most of all, splendid people.

Before searching “best area to stay in Portland,” read Jordan City Moving’s guide to the best neighborhoods Portland has to offer.


Neighborhoods in Portland

If you’re wondering how many people live in Portland, it is a medium-sized city home to over 662,000 residents. It’s a one-of-a-kind, modern place with a distinct quirkiness to it, as many artists, writers, and musicians call it home. However, there are plenty of families, as Portland’s great school system and safe, green neighborhoods attract people from far and wide, with each locale functioning almost like a mini-cities in Portland.

If you’re asking, “Is Portland a good place to live?” the answer is yes! Portland is a welcoming city with lots to offer, regardless of your age or lifestyle.


Best Places for Living in Portland, Oregon

When exploring the best Portland neighborhoods, consider the following areas.



Laurelhurst is an old-school place with timeless charm. Stately, beautiful Victorian homes and kitschy locales, like hip restaurants and bars, line this area’s splendid streets. It’s a popular place for young professionals to live, as it’s a stone’s throw away from downtown Portland.



When considering the best neighborhoods in Portland, OR, look at Sellwood-Moreland. Countless families move to this cozy neighborhood due to its affordability and wonderful schools. It’s also one of the safest neighborhoods in Portland, so you can rest easy at night knowing you’re safe.

Perhaps the most wonderful part about Sellwood-Moreland is its ties to history. Where else in Portland can you find an amusement park that’s been open since 1905 and a movie theater that’s shown movies since Calvin Coolidge was president?


The Pearl District

Located right next to downtown, the Pearl District provides an urban yet close-knit environment. Many of the area’s buildings are repurposed industrial warehouses, giving it a uniquely old-school vibe. It’s home to countless restaurants, breweries, and boutiques, such as Lovejoy Bakers and Sisters Coffee.

The Pearl District also has great spots like Ground Kontrol, an 80s-themed arcade, the Lan Su Chinese Gardens, Darcelles XV, and the world-renowned Powell’s Book Store. There’s no way you’ll run out of things to do when living in the Pearl District.


Northwest District

Regarding the best neighborhoods in Portland, OR, the Northwest District is hard to beat. It’s an incredibly walkable, friendly area with every amenity you can think of, including grocery stores, libraries, bookstores, bars, and more. You’ll be aching to check out awesome restaurants like Ken’s Bakery, Life of Pie Pizza, and Papa Haydn.

Best of all, the Northwest District has excellent public schools and comfortingly low crime rates, making it a stellar choice for families looking to move to Portland. If you’re interested in a green, European-style neighborhood that’s one of the best places to live in Portland, the Northwest District is right up your alley.


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Best Parks in Portland, OR

Many recognize Portland as Rose City for a reason. There are countless parks, arboretums, and wildlife refuges spread throughout the city.

For instance, Forest Park offers 70 miles of walking and biking trails amidst the luscious greenery of the Pacific Northwest, while Washington Park has an International Rose Garden and a zoo. Other great parks throughout Portland include the Portland Japanese Garden, which has a wide variety of Japanese plants like bamboo and cherry blossoms, as well as the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.


Best Shopping in Portland

Are you itching for a shopping spree? Then you’ll want to check out the shops on NW 21st and NW 23rd in the Northwest District. Great stores around here include Tender Loving Empire and Crossroads Trading.

Meanwhile, Downtown Portland has countless art galleries, craft shops, and festivals going on here, such as the Portland Saturday Market and Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Interested in other parts of town? Check out SE Hawthorne Blvd, SE Belmont Street, and SE Division Street on the South Waterfront, as well as the arts district along NE Alberta Street. These are some of the best places in Portland for shopping!


neighborhoods in portland


Best Places to Work in Portland

Generally, most of Portland’s businesses, tech companies, and employers are in the Downtown area. However, if you’re a healthcare worker, you’ll likely find a great job at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU).


Nicest Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

It’s hard to pick the single nicest restaurant in Portland, as there are so many to choose from! Portland pizza lovers swear by Apizza Scholls and Pyro Pizza, while Mee-Sen Thai Eatery provides delectable Northern Thai dishes.

However, if we had to pick the best restaurant, we’d pick Andina, an inspired, delicious Peruvian restaurant located in the Pearl District. It’s a great family-friendly restaurant in Portland, perfect for people of all ages.


Suburbs of Portland, OR

If you’re interested in quality schools, parks, and museums in Portland, the city has several great suburbs to choose from. Sellwood-Moreland, Mississippi Avenue, Laurelhurst, and the Northwest District are among the best places in the country for suburban living. These are some of the best neighborhoods in Portland for a slower-paced, more family-friendly lifestyle.


Best Bars in Portland for Young Adults

Every neighborhood has great bars, such as Kay’s on Milwaukie Avenue in Sellwood-Moreland, or 10 Barrel Brewing in the Pearl District. Mississippi Avenue and the Alberta Arts District feature trendy spots like Teote Mezcaleria and Prost! Marketplace, and Stormbreaker Breaking. In Southeast Portland, along the river, you can find even more great bars for young people, like Rontoms, Loyal Legion, and Sapphire Hotel.


Finding Portland Moving Company

After reading about the best neighborhoods in Portland, OR, you’re probably itching to move. If so, you need the right moving company to help you settle into your new home.

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