The Estimate Game

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Why is the Estimate Game so deceiving that it can lead you straight into the hands of the scam artists? The scam artists know exactly how to con you; they make a very appealing offer, and once you take the bait, you are immediately caught up in the scam. We really don’t understand it, why aren’t customers doing their research? We understand the power of the $$$ and the saving customers see on “fictional paper”. We even know that some customers are inexperienced in moving, but still, if someone came to you and offered you a brand new Mercedes for the price of a Cavalier you would say “Yeah right, this is a scam”. How is this any different when receiving a ridiculously low Binding Estimate* for your move?

Today in the moving industry, we have three types of estimates that most companies are using: Non-Binding, Binding and Not to Exceed. Each estimate has pros and cons, and while one estimate might be good for one customer, it may not be the case for another customer. Every customer should understand the differences in the estimates and make up their own mind. The point that a lot of people are missing, and I personally spend countless hours explaining to customers, is that “If it is not in writing after a complete walk-through in your house, it is not an estimate”!

There is a transportation attorney who stands behind most of the scam companies, and over 90% of these companies are using the paperwork he designed and provides for them. This attorney comes up with a great idea to get confuse customers – Binding Estimate via email. Furthermore, to make this scam appear legitimate, companies are taking an amount from the move cost and putting it as a separate charge on the estimate so the customers think they are paying extra for the Binding Estimate*.

We offer to meet or beat other in-home estimates and customers are constantly telling us “I know I have a Binding Estimate” but this is not the case, it’s a joke and the scam companies are the only ones laughing. Remember, if the price is not in writing after a walk-through, it is not an estimate. You ask yourself, why don’t I have a Binding Estimate, it says that in my email? How can they promise a Binding Estimate and go back on their word?
The answer is very simple, there is one sentence allows them to scam you and it reads “Based off the information you provided”. When you speak to the sales person over the phone and provide them with a list of items, the salesperson will approximate the number of boxes on the move. Some unlucky customers will fall prey to companies using the “number of rooms” method which is even more inaccurate. The salespeople know a customer will never be able to provide a complete list of the exact items and number of boxes being moved (this is even difficult for an experienced estimator doing the walk-through). The salesperson will email you a Binding Estimate with a list of items and boxes (you provided) knowing that on the day of the move you will have many more items.

On move day the movers arrive and the customer hears “you have a lot more items/boxes, you must sign a change of order” then they see the huge increase in charges. It’s too late, the customer realizes their mistake but tickets have already been purchased, suitcases packed and everyone is ready to leave town for their new home. The customer has no choice but to pay the outrageous charges.

* There is no such thing as a Binding Estimate via email. If you do not receive an in-home estimate, a walk-through, an onsite survey, or visual estimate you should be ready to pay a lot more on the day of the move if you have booked with one of the scam companies. Legitimate, legal companies will use a certified weight scale and will inform the customer in advance that getting prices over the phone is just an approximate of what the price will be ONLY if the actual weight is the same as estimated over the phone. Under no circumstances should this be considered an estimate for the move, only a price for a specific weight.

The Estimate Game is so big, day in and day out we talk to customers who say “they gave me a Binding Estimate, they emailed it to me”. Our first question is “did they come to your house and see your items?” The answer is always “no, but my email says Binding Estimate”. The only way I can think of to help consumers avoid the scam companies is by educating them.

In my next blog, I will explain why you should never sign a blank “Change of Order” or “Revised written Estimate” which is how the scam companies deceive you, causing you to pay A LOT more. I will also have a blog that will explain why a customer should never use a company that charges by cubic feet. You should always be charged by weight.

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Cross Country/Long Distance Moves With Jordan River Moving & Storage

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Cross-country moving, more commonly known as a long distance move, is generally considered the most demanding one among all kinds of moves. Moving cross country can really be a challenging task and requires proper planning by a professional. A professional and efficient cross country moving company like Jordan River Moving & Storage can make the difference between a hassle-free moving experience and a moving disaster.

You will not find a more dependable company to move your most valuable belongings. Regardless how far you’re moving, you can be sure that all your prized possessions and essential household items will reach your new address in the most caring way. We are devoted towards providing you with the most excellent customer service and satisfaction. Give us a call today at 1-877-611-0808 and our moving representatives will be more than happy to help with each and every step of your upcoming move. Don’t worry if this is your first move, you have knocked the right door!

Are you wondering about what types of moving estimates we offer? We offer free visual estimates, they are binding, non-binding, or not-to-exceed. All these estimates are developed keeping in mind different necessities of various types of house owners. Talk with our customer service desk to find out which one is right for your move. Once you know what you need, make your plans in advance to ensure a smooth moving process.

For a cross-country move, we also provide high-quality packing services. Rates are charged on the basis of the number of boxes packed and what kind of materials used by our movers. At Jordan River, we offer a furniture wrapping service with high-quality moving blankets to ensure the long life of your belongings.

Cross country moving doesn’t have to be difficult, let Jordan River Moving & Storage help you get started today. What are you waiting for? Give us a call!

Run Your Business Without Bumps With Our Commercial Moves

The rapidly changing business world needs expedited relocation services. Everyone is looking towards new areas for broadening their business field. Moving official items ranging from papers to office machines can be really a tiresome and difficult job. In the case that you have a technical apparatus that needs to be relocated, it needs to be handled with extreme care. Negligence can lead to serious damage and loss of valuable organizational data. Call a professional commercial moving service like Jordan River Moving & Storage.

Our commercial moving services include but are not limited to, dismantling and reassembling of your office furniture and full or partial packing. The Jordan River staff are always available for your moving needs. Our prime objective is to deliver an effective commercial move. Our team of trained commercial movers understand how to move your office securely, professionally, and at reasonable pricing. We train skilled drivers and use the latest moving equipment, to make sure that your office is moved with utmost care.

If you are relocating from one floor to another within the same building, you may think that you can do the entire job by yourself. Truth is, you will not be able to do it the way we can. We have been doing commercial moves for years. We can have your office up and running the day after the move. Isn’t that every employer’s goal? No company wants to shut down and lose revenue. We offer evening and weekend moves. Our services for commercial moves are customized to meets the needs of our corporate clients. Next time you need commercial movers, consider us.

Packing Services Are Like The Guarantor Of A Damage-Free Move

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Are you moving soon? Are you tired of packing by yourself? Let Jordan River Moving & Storage take the stress out of packing!

Our quick, professional movers can have the packing finished in hours. We have been offering packing services for all kind of moves for more than a decade. Once everything is packed by our skillful packers, we carefully load your items into our moving truck. At the time of loading, we take complete care of all your possessions for damage-free loading, the same goes for unloading.

We hire only professional packers and provide the most efficient and professional packing services. Let us provide you with information on the most effective way to do the packing the right way, for any type of move.

Who doesn’t want to save money by hiring the most affordable Washington moving company? I know you do, so make the most out of our services by hiring our movers and utilize our excellent packing services too. This is not all, you get storage facilities too. Save time and effort, hire Jordan River Moving & Storage today!

With Jordan River Moving & Storage you get the most important thing from a company, ‘Reliability’. We offer you free on-site estimates. You can count on our expertise. Our success rate shows our loyal return customers, who keep coming back to us for our professionalism.

Above all, ‘Expertise counts the most in the industry’. Our staff are experts in packing services and loading/unloading of the moving vehicle. They have all the knowledge that is required in this business. We deliver the best moving services every time.

Get in touch with us; we are just a phone call away. Call us now 1-877-611-0808

Get Weekly Specials From Seattle Movers

Jordan River Moving and Storage brings weekly specials for you! Save money with every move.

You as our customers have always backed us with your support, now it’s time that we pay back and pay back well. To do this, we have come up with an idea of providing you with weekly specials.

What do you get from it? You get the lowest in-home written estimate, free pickup and delivery into our storage and our special discount pricing.

Reach our weekly specials page to more about the offer. The only thing that you require to keep in mind while calling us is to mention our website AD. It’s great news for all and especially for customers belonging to Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. If anyone from the above-mentioned state is planning to make a move in Oregon or Washington, then you are in for a treat from Washington Moving Company. You will get the lowest in-home estimate from us which will be guaranteed 10% lesser than any other moving company.

Hold your breath, we are not finished yet! If you belong to any of these cities namely Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas and Scottsdale and planning to make your move to Oregon or Washington than we are your first priority. The reason is simple; we have the lowest in-home moving estimate for you which are up to 5% lesser than any other moving companies quote. No doubt this is the reason that our weekly specials are so popular.

What’s more? You also get storage for local moves from Jordan River Moving and Storage. Even if you ask for a 1-year storage facility you will get it from us. Now, how many companies can say so! We are not finished yet, you also get free pickup and delivery into our storage. All of your belongings and commodities are kept in secure storage facilities. The wrappings are done by professional packers, so you can be sure of high-quality packing. Want to know more about our discount pricing? Get in touch with us now.

Get Essential Moving Boxes

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Make the packing of your household commodities an easy task to handle with the right packing kits from Jordan River Moving & Storage. We have just made packing a home or corporate office a lot easier. Now you can order every kind of moving kits from us. Every item will be neatly packaged and delivered to you. Our products include boxes, packing paper, packing tape, and permanent markers for marking your packed boxes.

Our customer service is always there for you in case you have any questions regarding your packing products and pricing. We offer high-quality moving boxes for every kind of needs such as book boxes, file boxes, medium boxes, wardrobe boxes, etc. Contact us to find out about all our moving products that are going to make a smooth move.

You might wonder, “Why do I need all this stuff, my moving is pretty small!” No matter what size of move you are planning you need the right materials. Trust us when we say “moving without the right boxes not only can damage the products inside but also makes the move much unorganized”

We don’t want our customers to go through all this. This is the reason that we not only provide moving services, but also the moving-related products for making the moving smooth.

Even if you are moving from a small house, you will still require small moving boxes, medium and large moving boxes. It’s essential to pack commodities according to their size and weight. You can order all these moving related supplies and more from Jordan River Moving & Storage website.

Welcome to Jordan River Moving & Storage

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Washington moving goes to a new dimension with Washington movers from Jordan River Moving & Storage. We are here to serve all your moving related needs. Be it interstate moves, local and long distance moves, commercial moves, overseas moves, and storage solution we have it all.

Thinking about the standard of local moving services? Go and check for yourself Bellevue moving company and Portland movers.

Ask for the most reliable online moving estimate from us and make the most of your move. Come and know about Washington Moving Company from our ‘About us’. Get the feel of what you are guaranteed to get from us.

From us you will have the following moving services facilities:

  1. Highly trained movers for every kind of move
  2. Both online and in-person free moving estimates
  3. Total insurance coverage for every type of move
  4. Guaranteed hassle-free and damage-free moving experience
  5. Completion of moves within a set timeline
  6. Excellent customer service available 24/7

We are not new to the moving industry. We are experts in every moving field. Over a decade of repeat business proves customer satisfaction. Check out our testimonials and you will understand why we are one the most respected movers in Washington.

Reputable Overseas Moves From Washington Movers

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International moves are commonly known as overseas moves. Some people are intimidated by international moves. It can be very overwhelming being without your belongings in a new country. There are lots of paperwork and customs exams to deal with. Most customers cannot complete an international move without the help of a moving company. An overseas move is really easy with an efficient, experienced moving company. Not all moving companies are experienced or have the ability to provide international shipping.

An overseas move might sound difficult but in reality with the right company providing the proper planning, almost anybody can be successful. We at Jordan River Moving offer you total guidance throughout the whole moving process. You don’t have to be baffled by what people say about overseas moves. The fact is, overseas moving is fun to do with complete preparation. The best part is you get to start your life in a new location with new people!

Once you contact us you will experience the best of services in the industry. Initially, our moving executives will help you map out the total plan of your move. We can also help with the inventory list. We will ensure that all your packing is done, maintaining the customs regulations of the country where you are planning to move. Get the best of packing services from our professional packers who know how to pack the items for such an international move. With us, you are sure to get the most affordable moving process in the industry.

Also, we offer you door-to-door service from any city to any part of the world. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our overseas moves.

Local Moves With Us

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A local move is one of the most underrated moves by many house owners. Too many people think that it can be done without any type of professional expertise. The truth is local moves can be very difficult, you need to make sure you are properly organized. Many people think they can do it by themselves. They rely on friends and relatives but this can end in disaster. If you don’t choose a licensed moving company there is no guarantee the items will be moved without hassle and damages.

Jordan River Moving & Storage makes you think twice about your approach towards local moves with our top-notch moving services. Stuffing your personal belongings into bags or boxes is not in any way a proper packing technique. You need to do proper packing and for this, you need professional packers. Damage to your belongings can be avoided if you hire a professional moving company.

There are many benefits to hiring Jordan River Moving & Storage. We not only help you through the entire moving process, we provide essential tips to prepare you for your move. Our main goal is to ensure your local move turns out to be a positive experience. Get the most affordable and detailed moving estimate from us.

Our local moves are charged by the hour. There is no charge to professionally wrap your (non-fragile) furniture in padded moving blankets. We also provide wardrobe boxes free of charge for use the day of the move. There is a one-time travel charge which is to compensate for the drive from our office to your pickup address and back to our office from your delivery address. Packing materials are charged per use. You are not required to use our materials, we can use your boxes if you already have them.

Come and see for yourself what we mean by handling your local moves swiftly, professionally, and securely. We are just a phone call away, reach us now at 1-877-611-0808