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Uprooting your family and transitioning to a new home can be daunting, especially for young minds of younger kids. While excitement about new adventures might simmer, anxieties about leaving familiar faces and places can bubble over. Now the question arises; How To Move With Kids? Fear not! With thoughtful planning and open communication, moving with kids can be a positive and enriching experience. Discover key strategies to navigate this life change smoothly, from fostering excitement about the new chapter to establishing routines in your fresh start. Let’s embark on this journey together, ensuring a seamless transition for your little explorers! Here are the tips for moving with kids: 


Tip 1: Open the Door to Conversation

Imagine your child’s world being packed into boxes. Leaving familiar faces and places can be scary! This is why open and honest conversations are essential before moving. Before the big move, spark excitement and get kids moving by planning activities together and exploring local attractions. Here’s how to pave the way:


Be clear and calm

Explain the reasons for the move in a way your child understands. Use age-appropriate language and avoid overwhelming details. Remember, honesty builds trust, so be truthful even if kids feel the reason is complex.


Embrace questions and worries

Encourage your child to express their feelings, be it sadness, fear, or confusion. Listen actively and address their concerns with empathy and understanding. Validate their emotions and let them know it’s okay to feel the way they do.


Paint a positive picture

While acknowledging the change, highlight the exciting possibilities of the new location. Research together! Show them photos of the new house, neighborhood, or school. Point out fun amenities like parks, libraries, or museums. Spark their curiosity and help them envision the new house and all the new experiences waiting for them.


Engage their sense of adventure

Plan activities together! Look for local attractions they might enjoy, research cultural events, or create a “bucket list” for things to explore in the new place. Empower them to take ownership of their excitement and anticipation of the process.

Remember, communication is key! By having regular, open conversations about leaving friends, you can turn an unsettling transition into an exciting adventure for your child.


tips for moving with kids


Tip 2: Empower Little Helpers! Age-Appropriate Tasks for Big Adventures

Moving day chaos? Transform moving with children into a collaborative adventure by involving your little helpers in age-appropriate tasks! Your little helpers will feel valued, engaged, and excited about the new chapter. Here’s how:


Pack Like a Pro When Moving With Children

  • Little Hands, Big Impact: Let them pack their favorite toys, books, and treasures in their boxes. Label them together for easy unpacking later.
  • Unleash the Artist: Encourage them to personalize their boxes with drawings, stickers, or funny messages. It adds a touch of fun and helps them claim their space.


Preparing for New Horizons

  • Room Designer in Training: Show them pictures of their new bedroom and brainstorm decorating ideas together. Let them choose paint colors, furniture arrangements, or fun accessories to personalize their new haven.
  • Memory Keepers: Help them create a memory album filled with drawings, photos, or keepsakes from their old home. It offers comfort and reminds them of happy times while embracing the future.



  • Supervision with a Smile: While independence is key, ensure age-appropriate tasks and provide gentle guidance. Safety first!
  • Praise and Celebrate: Acknowledge their efforts with a “Super Helper!” badge, a fun outing, or their favorite treat. Positive reinforcement is crucial.

Remember, involving your children in the moving process isn’t just about chores; it’s about fostering collaboration, reducing anxiety, and creating positive memories of this life transition. Embrace their little hands and big ideas, and turn moving day into a stepping stone to their exciting new adventure!


Moving with kids


Tip 3: Routine Rescue: Anchoring Your Kids in Transition

Moving disrupts familiar routines, leaving little ones feeling adrift. Fear not! By anchoring your kids in a predictable schedule, you can transform chaos into calm. Discover how to move with kids by maintaining familiar routines, introducing adjustments gently, and providing comforting companions during the transition. Here’s how:


Familiar Shores

  • Maintain Mainstays: Stick to mealtimes, naps, and bedtimes as closely as possible. These familiar anchors provide comfort and stability during upheaval.
  • Prepare for Adjustments: Gently introduce changes like new time zones or new school commutes beforehand. Talk through the differences and answer questions patiently.


Comforting Companions

  • Pack the Bear Necessities: Don’t forget beloved stuffed animals, blankets, or other comfort objects. These furry friends bridge the gap between old and new, offering a sense of security.
  • Create New Traditions: Establish post-move rituals like reading bedtime stories in the new room and house. These shared moments build positive connections to the new environment.



  • Flexibility is Key: Unexpected bumps will occur. Adapt the schedule when needed, but aim for consistency wherever possible.
  • Celebrate Milestones: Mark special moments like unpacking the first box or making a new friend. These celebrations reinforce the positive aspects of change.

By prioritizing routines and providing comfort objects, you empower your kids to weather the storm of transition. Remember, consistency doesn’t mean rigidity; embrace flexibility while offering a predictable framework. This journey to your new home becomes an exciting adventure, not a scary storm that troubles kids, and you navigate it together.


Tip 4: Laughter is the Best Packing Box: Injecting Fun into Moving Mayhem

Moving with kids? Brace yourself for chaos, but remember, amidst the boxes and dust bunnies, lies an opportunity for an unforgettable adventure. Explore tips for moving with kids and turn the chaos of moving day into an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter and joy. Here’s how to bring fun and laughter into the mix:


Transform Travel Time

  • Road Trip Rhapsody: Ditch the silence! Crank up a moving playlist filled with sing-alongs and silly games. Destination bingo or “I Spy” can keep boredom at bay.
  • Treasure Trove Truck: Stock the car with surprises – new books, travel journals, or mini toys to discover throughout the journey.


Unpack the Fun

  • New Nest Nook: Let them lose on decorating their rooms! Provide paints, stencils, or fun furniture arrangements to personalize their new haven.
  • Treasure Hunt Time: Hide welcome treats or small gifts around the house for older children to discover, turning unpacking into a playful adventure.



  • Positive Vibes Only: Your attitude sets the tone. Embrace the adventure, share funny stories, and encourage laughter to combat moving day stresses.
  • Family Time Fiesta: Schedule movie nights, board games, or picnics with older kids – anything that fosters togetherness and strengthens your bond during this transition.

Moving doesn’t have to be a drag. By injecting the old house with fun and laughter, you can create lasting memories and remind your kids that even amidst change, joy, and adventure are always waiting to be unpacked.


Tip 5: Building New Roots: Helping Your Kids Bloom in Their New Home

Moving creates upheaval, but it’s also a chance to watch your kids blossom in a new environment. Here’s how to help them adjust and feel at home in the new city:


Unpack More Than Boxes

  • Create Cozy Corners: Let them personalize their rooms. Provide paint, furniture options, or themed decorations to turn their space into a reflection of their individuality.
  • Unwrap Familiarity: Pack comfort items like stuffed animals or photo albums. These anchors of the past bring warmth and a sense of security amidst change.


Explore Adventures Await

  • Become Neighborhood Detectives: Embark on exploration missions! Visit parks, libraries, or local landmarks. Let them discover hidden gems and feel connected to their new neighborhood or community.
  • Community Connections: Find activities they enjoy – sports teams, art classes, or clubs. Making new friends fosters belonging and eases the transition.



  • Be Their Cheerleader: Listen to their anxieties and celebrate their triumphs. Offer encouragement and understanding, especially to younger children, as they navigate unfamiliar territory.
  • Maintain Old Ties: Help them stay connected to cherished old friends and family back home. Video calls, shared activities, or even planting distance gardens can bridge the miles.

Moving can be daunting, but it’s also an opportunity for growth. By fostering a sense of ownership, exploration, and connection to new space, you can help your kids find their footing and flourish in their new home. Remember, this is a shared journey, so pack patience, celebrate small victories, and watch your little adventurers bloom!


Building New Memories, One Box at a Time When Moving with Kids

Remember, moving with kids isn’t just about logistics. It’s about hearts and homes. Follow these tips to foster open communication, build excitement, and ease anxieties. Together, you can turn this transition into a positive adventure! For expert, family-friendly assistance, reach out to Jordan River Moving. Our expertise makes your journey smoother, and our values make it feel like home.


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