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Dreaming of a European adventure? If you’re considering moving to Europe from USA, you’re not alone. Many people consider if they should move to Europe, with its rich history, diverse cultures, including the local customs in different countries, and stunning scenery that attracts many Americans. But how do you make the move? Are you ready to begin your journey and learn more about how to move to Europe from the USA? Let’s get started! Here’s a guide to help you navigate the process.


Pros and Cons of Moving to Europe

Before embarking on this journey to live abroad, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons:


  • Rich history and culture
  • High quality of life in many European countries
  • Excellent public transportation
  • Proximity to other travel destinations
  • Potential for a slower pace of life
  • potential affordable healthcare (depending on the country)
  • The chance to start fresh and build a new life if you move to Europe from USA.


  • Language barriers (if moving to a non-English speaking country)
  • Bureaucracy and paperwork involved in visas and residency permits
  • Potentially higher cost of living in certain European cities
  • Distance from family and friends in the US
  • Cultural differences and the adjustment period.


how to move to europe from us


How to Move to Europe from US

Navigating the logistics of moving from the US to Europe. Beyond the paperwork and visas, the physical act of moving from the US to Europe requires some strategic thinking. Consider downsizing and deciding what’s essential to bring with you. Research shipping options or international moving companies that specialize in overseas moves. Remember to factor these costs into your budget. If you have pets, learn about the import regulations for your destination country.  Planning for these logistical steps will help streamline your move and reduce stress.


Things to Know and Do Before Moving

  • Choosing Your European Destination: Europe is diverse! Consider factors like language, climate, job opportunities in your field, cost of living, and lifestyle when picking your new home. Do thorough research on different European countries and cities.
  • How to Move to Europe: Visas and Residency: Obtaining the right visa is crucial for Americans moving to Europe. Options include work visas, student visas, retirement visas, investment visas (like the Golden Visa), or digital nomad visas, depending on your situation. Research the visa requirements for your chosen country and start the application process well in advance.
  • Understanding the Cost of Living in European Countries: The cost of living in European countries varies widely. Consider factors like housing, groceries, healthcare, and transportation when choosing your destination country. Research your intended city and compare it to your current location for a realistic budget. Certain countries in Eastern Europe may offer more affordable living than those in Western Europe.
  • Language and Culture: Understanding the different cultural differences you may encounter is important. Learning the local language, even the basics, can significantly improve your experience living abroad in a European country.
  • Employment: If you need to work, secure a job offer with a foreign company before moving, or research remote work options. Understand the job market and in-demand skills for your chosen country. If you have a job offer from a foreign company in a European Union country, you’ll likely need a work visa, which your employer typically helps you obtain.
  • Finances: Create a detailed budget, including moving costs, healthcare, housing, and living expenses in your destination country. Consider currency exchange rates and how you’ll manage your finances abroad. Factor in income tax, as some European countries tax worldwide income.
  • Work Culture: Prepare for potential differences in work-life balance, hierarchy, and communication styles in many European countries.
  • Healthcare and Security: Research your healthcare options and access in your chosen European country. Check travel advisories for safety information.
  • Housing: Explore the housing market and learn about rental agreements and costs in your chosen location.
  • Banking and Taxes: Set up a local bank account and understand the tax system in your new home country. It’s advisable to consult with experts so you pay taxes correctly.


how to move to europe from usa


How to Move to Europe: Visas and Residency

Obtaining the right visa is crucial when moving to Europe.Visa types for Americans (and those from other countries) can include:

  • Work visas: If you have a job offer from a foreign company in an EU country, you’ll likely need a work visa sponsored by your employer.
  • Student visas: Consider studying abroad at a university in a European country. This can pave the way to exploring job options after graduation.
  • Retirement visas: Some European countries offer retirement visas for those with sufficient funds or pensions.
  • Investment visas: Golden Visa programs in certain countries offer residency permits or citizenship options in exchange for significant investments.
  • Digital nomad visas: Several European countries now offer special visas for remote workers, providing opportunities to live abroad for extended periods.


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Hiring Professional Movers


How an International Moving Company Can Make Your Move Easier

An experienced international moving company like Jordan River Moving can streamline the process of moving abroad by handling:

  • Customs and Importation: Expert help with complex paperwork and regulations.
  • Packing: Professional packing services ensure your belongings are safely transported.
  • Travel and Moving Insurance: Protection for your belongings during transit.
  • Moving with Pets: Assistance with pet relocation procedures and documentation.

Planning for these logistical steps will help streamline your move from the US to Europe and reduce stress as you transition to your new life.


Choose a Reliable International Moving Company and Book Their Services in Advance

Do your research, compare quotes and services, and book your mover well in advance of your move. Contact Jordan River Moving for a free quote and to learn more about our overseas moving services.

Embracing Your European Adventure

Moving to Europe from USA is a significant undertaking, but it can be incredibly rewarding! With careful planning, and research, including understanding income tax requirements and currency exchange rates, and the right support services, you can transition smoothly to your new European life.