The Estimate Game

Why is the Estimate Game so deceiving that it can lead you straight into the hands of the scam artists? The scam artists know exactly how to con you; they make a very appealing offer, and once you take the bait, you are immediately caught up in the scam. We really don’t understand it, why… Read more »

Cross Country/Long Distance Moves With Jordan River Moving & Storage

Cross-country moving, more commonly known as a long distance move, is generally considered the most demanding one among all kinds of moves. Moving cross country can really be a challenging task and requires proper planning by a professional. A professional and efficient cross country moving company like Jordan River Moving & Storage can make the difference between… Read more »

Run Your Business Without Bumps With Our Commercial Moves

The rapidly changing business world needs expedited relocation services. Everyone is looking towards new areas for broadening their business field. Moving official items ranging from papers to office machines can be really a tiresome and difficult job. In the case that you have a technical apparatus that needs to be relocated, it needs to be… Read more »

Packing Services Are Like The Guarantor Of A Damage-Free Move

Are you moving soon? Are you tired of packing by yourself? Let Jordan River Moving & Storage take the stress out of packing! Our quick, professional movers can have the packing finished in hours. We have been offering packing services for all kind of moves for more than a decade. Once everything is packed by our skillful… Read more »

Get Weekly Specials From Seattle Movers

Jordan River Moving and Storage brings weekly specials for you! Save money with every move. You as our customers have always backed us with your support, now it’s time that we pay back and pay back well. To do this, we have come up with an idea of providing you with weekly specials. What do you get… Read more »