Long distance moving is a huge undertaking that requires careful planning, preparation, and assistance. And one of the best ways you can prepare for a cross-country move is by partnering with a long distance moving company.

Hiring the best long distance movers Seattle in your area will ensure that your move goes smoothly, is minimally stressful, and doesn’t encounter inconvenient setbacks.

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Long Distance Moving Seattle


Moving Long Distance: What You Should Know

Long distance moving often comes with many culture shocks and details that are difficult to prepare for. If you are planning a long distance move, here are four things you should be aware of.

Long distance moves are: 

  • Expensive. Depending on the distance and how much is being transported, long distance moves can be upwards of $5,000.
  • Time-consuming. Packing, planning, driving, unpacking, etc. all take a lot of time. If you’re gearing up for a long distance move, you should never underestimate the amount of time you’ll need to wrap up the final details.
  • Stressful. It’s no secret that long distance relocations are majorly stressful. They are a huge life adjustment, involve a lot of forethought and planning, and are practically a full-time job for a period of several weeks.
  • A lot of work. As mentioned above, moving cross country involves a lot of work and is pretty much a full-time job for a period of weeks or months. This is why it’s so important to get the qualified help that you need during this transition period.


25 Long Distance Moving Tips

In order to minimize the negative aspects of long distance moves, here are some useful tips for those undergoing a long distance relocation.

  1. Declutter and get rid of items you no longer need or want. Use the one-year rule — if you haven’t used a given item in more than a year, it’s time to declutter it.
  2. Make a moving checklist and timeline.
  3. Make an inventory list of all of your belongings.
  4. Organize and label all packed boxes.
  5. Get cost estimates from potential moving companies (make sure to get several so that you have options).
  6. Recruit friends and family to help and assign them specific tasks.
  7. If you have children or pets, arrange a baby/pet sitter to watch them while you do the majority of your packing.
  8. Pack a few “essentials” boxes to have accessible (these essentials might include kid’s favorite toys, snacks, clothing changes, toiletries, etc.).
  9. Legally change your address.
  10. Get moving insurance — especially if you have valuable items that are being transported by a moving company.
  11. Avoid transporting food as it can be forgotten about and spoil — leading to foul odors and you having to dig it out mid-move.
  12. Research the job market in your future hometown (if you don’t already have a job lined up at your next destination).
  13. If it’s an option for you, move during the off-season. This will make your relocation more cost-effective than if you moved during peak season.
  14. If you’re working with a team of movers, factor tipping into your moving costs. While tips are not expected, they are generally appreciated — especially for long distance moves (you should be able to find a tipping calculator online if you are unsure what is an appropriate tip amount).
  15. Come up with a packing plan. A good strategy is exactly what you need when it comes to packing for a long distance move.
  16. Pack your items for the long haul. This means bubble wrapping and not skimping on cushioning for items, as they will likely be jostled around quite a bit on their journey.
  17. Consider the cost of moving large items and whether it’s worth it. Some items that are replaceable (like furniture) may be better to repurchase on the other side of your long haul move instead of going through the trouble of transporting it.
  18. Decide what you’re going to do with any vehicles you may have. Are you going to ship them, sell them, or drive them?
  19. Pack an emergency roadside kit in case you encounter any car trouble. Make sure you have jumper cables, a spare tire, and a car jack just in case.
  20.  If you are still employed and working in your old home city, request some time off to get some of your more pressing moving needs taken care of.
  21. Look for places that might be giving away free moving boxes or supplies (you can get in touch with local grocery stores in your area to see if they have any extra cardboard boxes that they’d be willing to give away).
  22. If you are having valuable items moved, make sure to take pictures of them before they are packed just in case any of them become damaged during the relocation.
  23. If you are driving to your new home city, make sure to have your car tuned up prior to embarking on your journey.
  24. Give your family and friends your new home address.
  25. Cancel local subscriptions and make sure that utility providers and mail subscriptions are aware of your relocation.


Long Distance Moving Timeline

  • Two months before your move: research potential moving companies, begin decluttering and create a room-by-room inventory.
  • Six weeks before your move: begin collecting moving supplies, do minor repairs around the house, and narrow down your selection of moving companies.
  • One month before your move: choose your moving company, get moving insurance, nail down travel arrangements, and buy necessary packing supplies.
  • Two weeks before your relocation: change your address, cancel local subscriptions, and start packing.
  • One week before your move: take your furniture apart, deep clean, pack your “essentials” suitcase, and do a walk-through video tour of your home to show that everything is in working condition.
  • Moving day: wake up bright and early, connect with your moving team, do a final walk-through of your old place, and eat a hearty breakfast.


Benefits of Hiring a Long Distance Moving Service

While saving some extra money by doing all of the moving tasks yourself may be tempting, it is not advisable as long distance moves are time-consuming and stressful.

Instead of taking the entire burden of moving on yourself, partnering with a professional long distance mover service can remove a lot of the stress and work from you.

Here are some additional benefits of working with a moving company: 

  • Professional movers are specially trained to handle long distance relocations, so your belongings are in safe hands.
  • Moving companies usually offer affordable relocation insurance along with their other services.
  • You can focus on the logistics of moving while a professional team handles the practical side of your move.
  • By partnering with long distance movers Seattle, you ensure that you don’t injure yourself by lifting too heavy of items.
  • Partnering with a professional moving service also keeps you on track with your moving timeline.
  • Hiring movers can actually save you money. When you calculate all of the time you will lose packing and performing your move on your own, hiring movers can actually be incredibly cost-effective.
  • You can reduce moving stress by partnering with a reliable team of professionals.
  • You can get your long-haul move done in one go — instead of having to invest in multiple expensive trips back and forth.
  • A more efficient moving experience.
  • You have a supportive network of moving experts at your disposal to ask your questions.


Why Choose Jordan River Moving?

Our long distance movers Seattle have years of combined experience helping Seattleites relocate to their new home cities. We are passionate about making moving as easy, accessible, and stress-free as possible.


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We are committed to ensuring that each of our clients has the easiest relocation experience of their life. Our team of long distance movers is client-focused, passionate, careful, and professional in each of our transactions, and our team would love to be the ones to help you have an easier transition into your new home city.

When you partner with Jordan River Moving, you ensure that stress is diminished, timelines are maintained, and you don’t lose sleep worrying about navigating all the ins and outs of your long haul move.


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