Have you dreamed of a new home in a new state, somewhere that you’d never thought of even living? If so, you’ve got some planning to do.

If you’re aching to move somewhere far away, you need professional movers to help you. When it comes to long-distance movers in Lexington, SC, there’s no better choice than Jordan River Moving & Storage.


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Long Distance Movers in Lexington, South Carolina

For most people, moving means buying a new home in the next town over. However, long-distance moving involves moving property across state lines, subject to federal regulations and restrictions.

Our team at Jordan River Moving has the experience and know-how to help you easily move across state lines. We’re logistics experts who understand how to transport property over vast distances. We can even help you move overseas!

With us, “long-distance” can mean anywhere from the next state over to the other side of the world. That’s why we’re the best long-distance movers in Lexington, SC, hands down.


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Lexington Long Distance Moving Services

When searching “Lexington long-distance movers near me,” you should consider hiring a company that offers a wide range of services. Here’s what we have to offer at Jordan River Moving.


We can pack any furniture, appliances, or personal objects, no questions asked.


You’ll love how we quickly and smoothly unpack after reaching your new destination.


Need help loading your moving truck? No problem!


There’s no need to feel extra stressed after finishing a long-haul drive. Why not let us unload your truck?

Storage Services

Part of what makes us the best Lexington long-distance moving company is our extensive network of storage facilities.

Car Shipping

Don’t want to drive your car across the country? No problem! We can ship your car wherever you’d like.


Our movers are efficient, crafty experts who can handle any move, regardless of size or scale.


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Types of Long-Distance Moves

Before searching “long-distance moving companies near me” or “long-distance movers in Lexington, SC,” you should determine which type of long-distance move you’re interested in. Here are the three types of long-distance moves:

  • Small moves: Small moves include moving into a new apartment or dormitory-type setting.
  • Residential moves: Moving into a new home? If so, you’re doing a residential move.
  • Commercial moves: If you’re relocating your business, you’ll need commercial movers to help you do the job.


Benefits of Hiring a Long-Distance Moving Service

Long-distance movers take the stress out of moving by handling your belongings with care and ensuring everything gets to your destination. Even better, they help you save time with the move-in process.


Best Long Distance Moving Company in Lexington, SC – Jordan River Moving

Find yourself searching for “long-distance movers near me?” You can’t go wrong with Jordan River Moving!

We’re skilled, professional long-distance movers in Lexington, SC. You can always contact us to learn more about our services and see what makes us different from other movers in South Carolina.


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