After you’ve moved once or twice in your life, you start to learn that moving is a bigger job than what the goodwill of your friends and family can handle. Professional moves require professional movers. And it’s when it comes to packing services, our Seattle movers really stand out.

At Jordan River Moving Company, we provide packing services and know from years of experience how pressed for time our customers can be when a move is impending. There are so many things to plan and prepare for that packing may be the last thing on your mind as you prepare to make your move.

When you have a Jordan River pack for you, you’re able to put more time toward the things that truly matter. Beyond this, you can trust that our professional team of Seattle movers are experts in safely packing and unpacking your possessions.

Your most fragile household goods are treated with the highest level of care, diligently packed, and put into crates to ensure optimal protection.


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Packing Services in Seattle


Packing Services in Seattle

Our packing services go far beyond simply rounding up all of your objects and placing them into a container. At Jordan River, we employ a time-tested process when it comes to helping our customers pack up their possessions.


Materials for Packing – Moving Supplies

First and foremost, it’s vital to make sure that when we’re packing your belongings, we have the absolute best packing materials available:

  • Custom and standard-sized cardboard boxes– Tried and true, these are your bread and butter when it comes to getting your belongings packed.
  • Sealing material– Failure to appropriately seal your packing boxes can present an unnecessary risk. We provide sealing material moving supplies to ensure safe transportation.
  • Packing paper– Packing paper goes a long way in ensuring that your possessions don’t move around too much during transportation.
  • Banding or shrink wrap– Making use of shrink wrap when packing gives us additional flexibility in how we arrange items and secure their position.
  • Packing for valuable objects– We provide specialty packing materials and moving boxes to secure any objects of higher value, protecting them all through your relocation.
  • Dangerous items packing- The highest level of care must be employed when packing items that may be sharp or hazardous. We offer specialized packing materials for these types of objects as well.

Wrapping Your Fragile Objects

Oftentimes, packing up the kitchen is one of the most delicate parts of the process. We will begin by thoroughly wrapping all fragile kitchen items and making sure that they’re secured.

Making sure that packing boxes are not over-packed is vital in this stage of the process, as we want to ensure that the weight of objects does not impact any other objects underneath them.

Our professional packers make use of packing paper, and moving boxes to provide a protective barrier between objects and place them snugly in boxes, before taping and securing them.


Transporting Glass Items

Our packing teams take great care to make sure that any glass items are safely transported during your move. Our professional movers and packers come armed with all of the supplies needed to safely pack and prepare glass objects such as mirrors for transportation.


Fine Art Packing and Shipping Services

At Jordan River, our professional packers are experienced in helping our customers prepare any fine art or antiques for shipment.

If you have such specialized items in your possession, we highly encourage you to discuss our packing and moving services with a Jordan River representative.

Our professional packing company provides a customized option for you and your objects, as well as explains any costs, materials, and options at your disposal.


Wardrobe Packing

It’s not always obvious just how much space clothing takes up until it’s time to empty out the closet!

We have ample materials required for packing up a wardrobe, whether you want to keep your clothing on the hangers or not. Streamlining the packing process is what our professional packing service are all about.


Piano Packing

Pianos are fully within our capabilities for a move. Our professional packers take special care of these elegant instruments to ensure their safe travel to their new home.


Organizing Your Boxes

After packing your boxes up, our professional movers and packers will help organize your boxes in an intuitive fashion for pick-up by the moving team.

We’ll be able to help you choose an organization style that makes the most sense for you. Perhaps you want to have all of your “garage” boxes sitting in the front, with your “living room” boxes in the back.

Taking time to apply descriptive labels for your boxes will be a huge advantage for you when it comes time to unpack.


Seattle Packing Company

Our packing service in Seattle is all engineered around your convenience and stress-free moving. If you have a large move, we will typically perform our packing about one to two days ahead of schedule.

If the move is a smaller operation with a limited scope, it’s possible for us to schedule out your packing for the same day as the move.

We strive to provide our customers with professional packing services and the most flexible options possible for their move.

If you’re looking to streamline the packing process even further or save money on the cost of your move, it’s also possible to do some of your own packing ahead of time!

If you’re a DIY-er, we highly encourage you to familiarize yourself with industry-recommended techniques for protecting your possessions. Consult our Packing Tips page and learn the methods that packing and moving companies like Jordan River employ in all of our moves.


Hire Jordan River To Help You Pack and Move

Our business is built on a fervent commitment to providing our clients with the absolute best packing service in Seattle. 

Taking the time ahead of a move to pack, seal, and protect your possessions is a key step toward enjoying a successful move.

No matter how far you’re going, how many belongings you’re bringing with you, or how large they may be, we’re here to help you make your move.

If you’re interested in receiving a complimentary quote for our packing and moving services in Seattle, contact Jordan River at 1-877-611-0808.


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