Jordan River Moving & Storage offers safe, secure storage units in Seattle area that you can depend on—call us today to choose your storage unit.

At our Jordan River Moving & Storage facility, tenants enjoy fully protected, climate-controlled storage units. In Seattle, WA, the self storage units protect our customers’ goods and possessions against fire and theft, and we are ready to house all types of items. Our Seattle facility is the solution you have been looking for to store your goods safely.

Read what our customers say about Jordan River Moving & Storage’s affordable storage units in Seattle.


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Why Choose Jordan River Moving & Storage?

Our heated self storage units in Seattle offer full protection for your assets in a secure environment. The local team takes every step necessary to ensure that all the items you entrust to us enjoy fire protection and dependable climate control. No unauthorized visitors can enter the premises, and one of our employees will accompany each person onto the property for security purposes.

If you appreciate storage spaces that are clean and well-maintained, come and see the competitive rates we offer on the wide range of Jordan River Moving & Storage units. Seattle storage units need plenty of attention to detail to keep them in top condition, and Jordan River Moving & Storage remains the first choice for a company Where Quality & Integrity Are Priorities.


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How Can Storage Units In Seattle Make Your Life Easier?

You can find the quality long-term and short-term storage you need with Jordan River Moving & Storage. Whether you are moving and need storage-in-transit (SIT) options or looking to clear out some home or office furnishings to give yourself more elbow room, the perfect unit is waiting for you at our Seattle storage premises. Storage is an excellent way to declutter your life while keeping all your belongings safe until you need them.


Why choose the Seattle self storage unit at Jordan River Moving & Storage? These benefits will make your life easier:

  • It is affordable. Our professionals understand that everyone accumulates things that are important to them over the years. If you find yourself lacking storage space for all those meaningful possessions, relocating is cost-prohibitive. Rather choose our storage in Seattle as an affordable and practical option.
  • It helps you organize your things. If you want to declutter, you will love the design of our storage units. In Seattle, WA, it is now easier to store holiday decorations and other seasonal items safely until the next time you need them.
  • It aids businesses. Chaotic office space is a distraction and slip-and-fall risk. Why not ask us about our easy and affordable solutions for all your business storage needs?
  • It promises short-term solutions. If you are “in-between” locations, there is no better place to park your goods than at Jordan River Moving & Storage.
  • It offers heightened security. Your residence is not always the safest place to store precious goods. If you want a safe place for things that you value most, a completely secure Jordan River Moving & Storage unit in Seattle is an excellent choice.

When you choose Jordan River Moving & Storage for your storage needs, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your goods are safe and secure. Seattle customers also appreciate our integrity. For example, our commitment to making your life easier is so powerful that we will recommend nearby storage competitors if we cannot meet your needs.


Self-Storage In Seattle

What is self-storage? In Seattle, this is renting a storage space (a unit) at one of the top storage facilities in Seattle. It is one of the most common storage options, especially for apartment dwellers and homeowners who want to take advantage of an extra “room.” Business owners use self storage options to organize files, store equipment, or secure goods awaiting shipment.


Overnight Truck Storage

Affordable overnight truck storage at Jordan River Moving & Storage provides a great option when you are in the middle of a relocation. You might need to be out of your current location today when the new site will not be ready until tomorrow. Don’t worry; Jordan River Moving & Storage keeps the goods on the truck overnight and delivers them the next day according to schedule.


Short-Term Seattle Storage Unit

If you find yourself suddenly requiring a short-term self storage solution, ask Jordan River Moving & Storage about our flexible storage options to accommodate both short-term and long-term needs. Our team makes it easy to take advantage of the perfect-sized unit with the flexible terms you need to store your goods affordably.


A Long-Term Storage Unit in Seattle

You might be surprised to find out how many of our customers start off looking for short-term self storage spaces in Seattle and then stay with us quite a bit longer. Long-term storage solutions are ideal for household items, family heirlooms, out-of-season goods, and anything that you do not want to part with but cannot have around the house or office full-time.

Whatever you need, Jordan River Moving & Storage has the right storage solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with self storage unit in Seattle, WA.


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Fair Rates and Flexible Terms for Storage Units in Seattle, WA

The goal at Jordan River Moving & Storage is to support all our customers with affordable, reliable moving options and self storage needs in Seattle. Every arm of our business aims to provide cost-effective, high-quality services that you will want to tell your neighbors about, including self storage facilities. Partner with us

on your next move or bring what you need to store and know that it will be there for you any time, just as you left it.

Why pay an arm and a leg for a safe and secure storage unit in Seattle, WA? Rather come to Jordan River Moving & Storage and enjoy clean, safe, and affordable storage. In Seattle, your goods are safe with us.

Let Jordan River Moving & Storage make it easy for you to find the right storage in Seattle—call us at 1-877-611-0808 today to learn more.


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