Whether you’re relocating from Seattle to New York, or to Boston, or even Miami, you need a team of skilled cross-country movers to help you during your relocation.

A professional team of cross-country movers will help you pack correctly for a move of this size, coordinate the logistics of getting your stuff to a new state, and will ensure that everything happens on time.

To take advantage of the expert long-haul moving services offered here at Jordan River Moving, please contact our office today. Continue reading to learn more about our moving services.


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Jordan River Moving: Seattle’s Trusted Cross Country Movers

Here at Jordan River Moving, we offer cross-country moving Seattle services that are personalized to each and every one of our clients.

We know the essential role that we play in helping our clients have a stress-free and efficient relocation experience and don’t take that responsibility lightly.

As with any move, there are more than a couple of things that, if they go awry, could result in lost time, lost money, stress, and immense inconvenience. This is why our long-distance movers are committed to offering premium cross-country moving services with zero surprises along the way.

When you partner with Jordan River Moving, you ensure that you get the moving experience that you need and deserve.


How Are Cross Country Relocations Priced?

We offer a free visual estimating service to ensure that everything is taken into consideration with your relocation quote.

We offer three different types of estimates — binding, non-binding, and not-to-exceed quotes. After your belongings have been visually assessed you will be given one of these three types of estimates.

Our cross-country relocations are thorough, safe, and efficient in order to allow you to devote your attention to other aspects of your move. We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting, packing, and transportation needs so that you can look forward to settling into a new city.

All of our cross-country moves include furniture wrapping, moving blankets, and tape as a part of our service (at no additional cost to you).


Our Estimating Process | How We Calculate Moving Cost

When we price out cross-country moves, we take into account a large number of factors. The two primary considerations that affect the end cost of your cross-country relocation are:

  1. The weight of your items
  2. The distance that you’re moving

To determine the net weight of your shipment, our cross-country mover weighs the empty vehicle prior to loading it and then reweighs it after loading your belongings into the truck. This is the easiest and most precise method for measuring the weight of your belongings in order to determine the cost of your move.

We’ll give you either a binding, non-binding, or not-to-exceed estimate prior to this, so there won’t be any pricing surprises once we calculate the official cost with our truck-weighing method.

An additional factor that may affect the end cost of your relocation is if you add additional items to be moved after our official estimate has been delivered and accepted.

It is the responsibility of the client to check that all items to be moved are included in the truck-weighing. If additional items need to be moved, this will increase the cost of the relocation.


10 Tips to Help Your Cross Country Move Go Smoothly

Cross country relocations are stressful enough due to the amount of change that they bring, not to mention all the complicated logistics that accompany such a large move.

To help your move go as smoothly as possible, here are 10 tips to help you prepare:

  1. Decide whether or not you’re going to take your car to your new city, and how you’ll get it there.
  2. Declutter relentlessly and get rid of everything you don’t absolutely need.
  3. Implement a packing strategy and label everything.
  4. Begin scouting your future home area for a community to plug into. Moves of this size require social support!
  5. Recognize that you will likely encounter minor hiccups along the way, so being flexible is necessary.
  6. If you have pets, develop a moving strategy to make the relocation less stressful for them. How will they get to your new city?
  7. If you’re moving with small children, pack them a moving-day bag with some of their favorite toys, books, and snacks to keep them entertained during the relocation.
  8. Remember to transfer your utilities, cancel local memberships, and have your mail forwarded to your new address.
  9. Get all of the goodbyes out of the way by throwing a goodbye party well in advance of your move. This will clear up more mental space for the move.
  10. Enlist the help of a trusted cross-country moving service.


Partner With the Best Cross Country Movers in Seattle

If you’re ready to begin the relocation process, get in touch with Jordan River Moving today. Our team of Seattle cross-country movers would be happy to answer any questions you may have or put you in our schedule for your upcoming relocation.

We offer personalized, full-service cross-country moving options to home and business owners in Seattle. Whether you’re just moving to Boise or all the way to Boston, our team members have the experience and qualifications necessary to get the job done right.

To speak with one of our moving consultants about our cross-country moving services, contact Jordan River Moving today.


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