Moving cross-country from Kirkland to San Francisco, Arizona, or Texas requires the assistance of professional movers.

An experienced team of cross-country Movers in Kirkland can assist you in adequately packing for a move of this kind, plan the logistics of transporting your belongings to a new state and keep the move on schedule.


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Contact Jordan River Moving immediately if you want to take advantage of our professional long-distance moving services. Read on to find out more about our relocation assistance.


Jordan River Moving Is The Kirkland’s Trustworthy Cross-Country Movers

Our cross-country moving services in Kirkland at Jordan River Moving are customized for each client.

The importance of our role in facilitating a successful move for our customers is not lost on us, and we take this obligation very seriously. We are one of Kirkland’s most significant long-distance moving companies because of our hardworking employees, unconditional guarantee, and excellent customer service.

There are many potential sources of delay, financial loss, emotional strain, and general difficulties during a relocation. Our long-distance movers know how taxing a relocation across the nation can be, so they take extra care to leave you with no surprises.

When relocating, you can be sure everything will go well if you use Jordan River Moving.


The Initial Effort Spent on Planning

If you choose us for your relocation, everything will proceed as planned. Making a long-distance relocation involves more planning than a local one. Given the distances involved, we will need to plan our routes carefully to provide you with the best service possible. Consequently, our Kirkland movers will coordinate with you immediately.

We will create a plan tailored to your requirements via your collaboration. You are in charge of the relocation, and we are only here to help you. Since you are in charge, we will provide you with all the information and recommendations you want. You may count on us to cater to your every whim and need. This means that you can be sure that we will always go the additional mile to accommodate your specific requirements throughout the relocation process. Ultimately, we can only succeed if our customers are satisfied.


Moving Across The Country: How Much Should You Expect To Pay?

To ensure that your every need is accounted for in your moving quote, we provide a free visual estimating service.

We provide three different price quotes: binding, nonbinding, and not-to-exceed. After thoroughly examining your belongings, one of these three prices will be estimated.

So that you can concentrate on other aspects of your transfer, we provide long-distance movers that are thorough, safe, and speedy. We will take care of the heavy lifting, packing, and shipping so that you can concentrate on the exciting new beginnings that await you in your new city.

Our long-distance moves come with complimentary furniture wrapping, moving blankets, and tape (at no additional cost).


What Goes Into Our Estimates and How Much Will It Cost to Move?

We consider several factors when determining the overall cost of a cross-country relocation. When budgeting for a cross-country relocation, the two primary elements that will have the most impact on the ultimate price are:

  • The load of your items
  • The length of your journey

Our cross-country mover Kirkland determines the load capacity of your shipment by first weighing the empty vehicle and then reweighing it once your belongings have been loaded. You can get a good idea of how much it will cost to move your stuff by using this method, which is both fast and precise.

We will present you with a binding, non-binding, or not-to-exceed quote before establishing our truck-weighing technique’s ultimate cost.

After we’ve given you our formal estimate, you may add additional items to the move, increasing the total cost.

The onus is on the client to verify that the truck’s total weight accounts for everything that will transport. If more items need to be moved than what was initially predicted, the total cost of the relocation will increase.


Planning a Long-Distance Move: Consider These Ten Tips

Adjusting to a different environment is stressful, and the logistics of a long-distance move add to that.

Here are ten ideas to help you ease into your new place without breaking a sweat:

  • Bringing your car with you to a new city will need some planning.
  • Keep going until you clean up your house of whatever you no longer need.
  • Use a packing list and label everything you bring.
  • Start looking for friends and acquaintances in your future area right away. A move of this magnitude requires the aid of friends and family.
  • Having a flexible mindset and expecting setbacks on the road ahead is essential.
  • To make the relocation process easier for your pets, make a plan. Have you considered how they will get to your new home if you relocate?
  • Keep the kids happy and entertained on the long journey by packing their favorite food, books, and toys in a unique moving day bag.
  • Remember to get your mail forwarded to your new address and notify your utility companies and any clubs or organizations you belong to that you will be leaving.
  • To avoid any lingering sadness, it’s best to say your last goodbyes as soon as possible; therefore, plan a departure party as soon as possible. This will allow you to devote more mental resources to the move.
  • Get the help of reputable cross-country moving companies.


Kirkland’s Best Long-Distance Movers Are Waiting to Assist You

When the time comes to relocate, don’t hesitate to call Jordan River Moving. You may now speak with a professional from our Kirkland-based cross-country moving business who can answer any questions you may have and take your booking.

We provide individualized, all-inclusive, cross-country moving services to Kirkland residents and business owners. Whether you’re relocating across town to Bellevue or across the country to London, our team can get the job done.

Don’t hesitate to contact Jordan River Moving to discuss your alternatives for relocating across state lines with one of our relocation consultants.


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