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Relocating to a new residence is never easy. Humans tend to live in the same place for a significant portion of their lives, surrounded by all their possessions. When moving day finally arrives, it may be draining on many levels. This applies doubly to senior citizens.


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Many senior citizens have lived in their homes for decades and have strong emotional attachments to them, making it difficult for them to move out on their own. Fortunately, Jordan River Moving and Storage, the leading senior movers in Kirkland, is equipped with the knowledge, expertise, patience, and compassion necessary to deal with our senior population effectively in such circumstances.

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Help for the Seniors: Trustworthy, Expert Movers

Many seniors who have to move out of their houses have either lost a spouse or become too frail to live comfortably alone. In such cases, family members may look for specialized retirement homes that provide medical care and other amenities to the senior. Also, the social activities that these centers offer make sure that people don’t spend their last years alone.

Jordan River Moving and Storage works with these facilities to give their senior movers Kirkland great service and quickly and carefully move any valuable or important items that their customers may have. Because of the sentimentality attached to these belongings, our hardworking crew treats them with the utmost care throughout the moving process. In addition, we provide low-cost storage spaces for anything that won’t be able to be moved into the new home.

Here’s what we have in mind when you choose Jordan River Moving and Storage to move your loved ones:


A Slow and Careful Process

Our crew meticulously goes over each item with our senior movers in Kirkland to ensure that their belongings are moved in the most efficient manner possible. We pay attention to customers’ worries and make all required adjustments to make sure their items arrive at their destination unscathed. We also provide affordable storage units for seniors who are downsizing, so that they do not have to get rid of any of their treasured belongings.


Excellent Senior Moving Service that Pays Attention to Every Detail

After finding out how the customers want their things moved, our staff starts to come up with a plan for moving all of their things. We recognize that no two moves are the same and tailor our services accordingly. With this strategy, we can securely move all of our customers’ belongings without risking any harm to them in the process.


Kirkland Seniors may Trust Our Secure Moving Services

The fact that we treat each move with the utmost care and attention to detail is yet another great advantage of our senior relocation services. We are fully insured in the extremely unlikely event that any damage to property or valuables occurs. Our goal is to ensure that every customer can relax knowing that their treasured goods are in good hands.


Senior Moving Services of the Highest Quality

Our years of expertise have made us the most trusted senior moving company in Kirkland and the go-to choice for budget friendly senior movers in Kirkland. We consider it a top priority to treat our customers like family, which is why we strive to provide them with the best possible service.

Also, we guarantee that every customer will be happy with their move. This means that every item will be handled with care and put exactly where the customer wants. Finally, we want to bring joy to our seniors as they are helped through what may be a difficult period for them both physically and emotionally.


Cross-Country Senior Moving Specialist

We are the best senior movers in South Carolina, and not only for short distances within the state; we also have the resources to handle long-distance, cross-country moves. Whether you’re moving across town or the country, our fleet of trucks can transport your goods securely.

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Long- and Short-Term Storage

Many seniors who move find themselves downsizing from a bigger dwelling to a smaller one. This is particularly true for seniors who are moving in together or alone to an assisted living facility. It is often necessary to downsize to a smaller facility because the available space is not comparable to the previous home.

Emotionally, it may be difficult for seniors to decide what to pack and what to leave behind when they move. If you have any extra items that won’t be moving with you, don’t worry since Jordan River Moving and Storage offers storage units of several sizes.

Our older customers can keep the important things they’ve collected over the years, even if they don’t have room for them in their new dwellings.


Senior Movers Near Me

Jordan River Moving and Storage offers the best senior moving services in Kirkland. Our expert movers are the best in the business since they are well-trained and covered by insurance. When it comes to helping seniors in Kirkland move, we are the most trustworthy company in the area since no one else comes close to matching our level of commitment.

Jordan River Moving and Storage offers high-quality local and long-distance moving services, as well as a wide range of storage options to meet every need. While we take great care in transferring the valued items of our customers, we recognize that they frequently cannot take everything with them. By providing secure storage units, we’re able to avoid the loss, destruction, and resale of things of great emotional worth.

For more information about senior movers in Kirkland, call Jordan River Moving and Storage now. We’re ready to assist you or your loved ones by making your move stress-free, whether you’re moving across town or the country.


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