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Transferring your business to a new location is a challenging endeavor. In a minimal amount of time, you must pack up your whole workplace, get a truck to transport your belongings, unload everything, and set up your new workspace. Looking for the finest office and commercial movers Kirkland offers? Look no farther than Jordan River Moving and Storage.


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Among office movers in Kirkland, Jordan River Moving and Storage is among the top choices. We are the go-to experts for streamlined service for commercial and office relocations. We take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to! At a low cost, our crew will assist you with packing up your office, transporting its contents, and setting it up at your new location. Jordan River Moving and Storage is the best option in Kirkland for business and office relocation services.

Some of the commercial moving services we provide are:

  • Professional moving and storage services
  • Facility Assistance
  • Office organizing
  • The planning of routes
  • Decommissioning
  • Layout preparation

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Premier Kirkland Office Moving Services

Are you looking for the best commercial moving company in Kirkland, WA? Jordan River Moving and Storage eliminate all of the difficulties associated with office equipment movers. Our staff will do all it takes to ensure your workplace relocation goes off without a hitch. We assess your requirements and devise a strategy to ensure a smooth start at your new workplace. We’ll be there for you from the start, assisting with everything from logistics to setting up your new workplace for maximum productivity.

We will meet with you before the day to discuss a reasonable moving time, a layout of the space, and anything else you may want. We pay close attention to what our customers want and go out of our way to provide it.

To ensure a seamless transition on moving day, our staff will give each section of your new workplace a descriptive name beginning with an alphabetical letter or a numerical designation. We’ve labeled them all with distinctive, color-coded labels to keep things straight and make them simpler to discover. The labels have a strong adhesive backing to keep on your items even throughout transport. When we remove them, they won’t leave any harm or ugly residue behind. Following the completion of the move to your new workplace, we will remove any labels and provide any further assistance you may need.


Quick and Cost-Effective Commercial Moving in Kirkland

Our office moving services are available to groups as well as individuals. Businesses moving to a new city or state may take advantage of our exceptional business moving services. Our office movers will demonstrate efficient packing and loading methods to guarantee a smooth move for your staff. Unlike other office movers Kirkland, we provide all the boxes and packing supplies you’ll need.

If you choose, we can pack up all of your company’s office equipment and ensure a smooth transfer by using our tried-and-true methods. We take extreme caution with your business’s property as if it were ours. Never again will you have to deal with movers that lack the training and professionalism you expect. Our employees undergo comprehensive commercial moving training to manage any situation. In Kirkland, Jordan River Moving and Storage is the go-to company for office moving.


Kirkland’s Finest Commercial and Office Movers

Our meticulous preparation for every move sets us apart from other Kirkland business moving companies. We communicate with the management teams at your existing and future buildings to guarantee that your needs are met. As a bonus, we give them all the details they’ll need to make your move a breeze. We want as few distractions as possible as you establish your company in your new location.

We determine the most cost-effective method of transport to your new office while still meeting all deadlines and other requirements for a successful business move. We use numerous protections to ensure that your office equipment arrives in pristine condition. To ensure the safety of your belongings during the route, our crew employs cutting-edge equipment and supplies. We will carefully unload the truck and get everything situated at your new location. When you leave your belongings with Jordan River Moving and Storage, you can be sure they will be well cared for.


Professional Commercial Moving Services for Any Industry

Regarding moving businesses of all shapes and sizes across the country, no one does it better than our commercial movers. From fledgling startups to well-established conglomerates, we’ve moved them all.

We’ve assisted the following businesses in their moves:

  • Small offices
  • Industrial facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Hospitality services
  • Healthcare providers
  • Academic and education centers 

Jordan River Moving and Storage offers the resources and expertise to serve any business. When it comes to commercial moves, no one else matches our dedication to providing first-rate service at all times. Helping you move is just half the job; offering excellent customer service is just as crucial. Jordan River Moving and Storage can help no matter how far you go.

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Our professional movers will cheerfully help you with every step of the business relocation procedure. If you want the finest office and commercial movers in Kirkland today, you need Jordan River Moving and Storage.

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