Are you planning to move? Whether you’re moving across town or the country, there are various compelling reasons for you to decide to ship your household belongings.

Whatever the situation, know that the procedure will be much more complex and challenging without the assistance of moving companies to protect your move.

Accidents happen throughout such operations regardless of how much care moving or relocation services companies take with your belongings. The good news is that insurance solutions may cover many of the risks associated with relocating.


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Understanding Moving Insurance

Even if moving companies take great care to handle your belongings, accidents may sometimes occur. Given this, you should prioritize prevention above repair in 99,99% of situations when a moving company has successfully provided its services.

Moving insurance Seattle is a smart option since it protects you if any of your belongings are damaged or lost during the relocation process.

Due to the enormous variety of moving circumstances, various moving insurance plans and moving company insurance Seattle are available. Every relocator may choose a policy that meets their needs.

Jordan River Moving & Storage offers many different types of moving insurance. If you’d like more information, feel free to give us a call or send us an email to learn more.


Is Moving Insurance Needed?

Yes, in a nutshell. Continue reading if you’re interested in the extended answer.

Movers insurance Seattle provides you peace of mind and a chance to collect compensation in the case of property damage if your belongings are stolen or mishandled.

Moving insurance companies Seattle is only optional if your belongings aren’t worth enough to cover, which is unlikely to be the case. In this situation, the chance of losing or damaging these belongings may not be significant enough to warrant purchasing insurance.

Suppose you do not believe your belongings are valuable enough to warrant insurance. In that case, you may want to consider the expense of replacing everything that is being relocated (in case they are not insured). The best choice is to cover your belongings if the expense of replacing them if they are destroyed or stolen outweighs the cost of insurance.


Insurance Options for Moving Companies

Here at Jordan River Moving & Storage, we provide a broad choice of moving insurance coverage to guarantee that all of the requirements of our customers are satisfied.

A few of the policies we provide are listed below:

Local Valuation Coverage

Household goods transporters must accept responsibility for the value of the belongings they move. The amount of responsibility a carrier must accept is determined by the degree of value protection chosen by the client.

Cross Country Coverage

As a licensed common carrier, we must offer limited liability coverage at no cost to the consumer. In the case of loss or damage, the maximum restricted responsibility under this option is $0.60 per pound per item. understands how difficult it is to move. Proper insurance for your belongings relieves some of the pressure you’ve been carrying around. Now that your belongings are secure and covered by insurance, you may focus on other aspects of your move.

TGI Moving Insurance

TG International (TGI) provides relocation coverage for the Relocating Individual, the Third Party Relocation Company, and the Household Goods Freight Forwarder.


What Items Are Excluded from Moving Company Insurance Coverage?

Although most moving insurance plans cover everything carried out and handled by the moving team, some goods may be excluded from coverage altogether. These things will not be compensated if damaged, lost, or stolen during the relocation.

The following are examples of belongings that aren’t protected:

  • Food and beverages that are perishable.
  • For valuable belongings that are transferred without the knowledge of the movers, you must tell moving companies in writing if they will be handling items of substantial worth.
  • A belonging that has been adversely affected by a natural catastrophe. In this situation, the occurrence was not caused by the moving crew’s carelessness or mistreatment; hence, the moving crew cannot be held liable.
  • Dangerous belongings are packed without the moving crew’s awareness.


What Occurs If Something Is Broken?

Jordan River Moving & Storage is dedicated to completing moves without causing damage. The reality is that accidents can happen, and knowing what kinds of coverage you have and if anything you own is destroyed is essential.


Doesn’t My Homeowners Policy Cover Move?

It depends on the circumstances, but most homeowners insurance plans do not cover household belongings in a move—or their coverage is highly restricted. Your homeowner’s insurance policy will protect your belongings while packed at your house, but they will not be insured during transport, which is the whole purpose of moving insurance.

Moving company insurance might be a suitable answer if you are concerned about this and if the value does not appear to provide enough protection.


How Much Does Moving Insurance Cost?

Unless a covered occurrence caused the damage, homeowner’s insurance does not often cover damaged or broken belongings during a move. Some insurers provide extra moving protection you may buy. Ask your insurance carrier about additional coverage or dangers. Costs vary based on coverage required, possession value, and move duration.

When using a moving company, the kind of coverage you choose and the value of your belongings might affect the cost of your moving insurance. Most movers provide free basic insurance or released value protection as an additional customer option. You may also choose complete value protection, which pays out one percent of your belongings’ estimated worth. Costs for third-party insurers may range between 1% and 5% of your estimated value.


Protect Your Move With Movers Insurance

Our team of expert movers at Jordan River Moving & Storage would be pleased to assist you in finding the insurance and moving plan that most accurately represents your requirements.

Contact Jordan River Moving Company immediately if you’re interested in moving insurance to safeguard your relocation. Let us help you plan the most effective and stress-free move possible by discussing insurance plans, moving services, and possible dates with you.


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