Many people attempt to ensure that their valuables arrive in good condition during a transfer, but accidents and other mishaps may occur. To move, you’ll need to hire a moving company, transfer your insurance to your new house, and change the address on your mail.

There’s also the question of movers insurance South Carolina. Is it required if you already have homeowners’ or renters’ insurance? It’s essential to check with your agent to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage in place to secure your valuables while in transit. If you’re moving only a few blocks away or across the country, you may need a separate moving insurance policy from your current home insurance provider.


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What is Moving Insurance?

Moving accidents may happen to even the most cautious people—and moving companies—just like you can get into one no matter how excellent a driver you are. In the same way, you wouldn’t drive your vehicle without insurance; you should also consider acquiring moving insurance.

Moving insurance companies Portland protects your valuables if they are destroyed during the move. The specifics of your insurance depend on your coverage, but it might vary anywhere from fires or floods to a mover unintentionally dumping your new TV.

Technically, moving companies can’t offer insurance, but they must present value choices under federal law. You can also purchase insurance from third-party insurance providers to cover any stuff moving companies won’t.

Please continue reading to discover more about the many forms of moving insurance available by Jordan River Moving & Storage, or call us now to protect your move.

Do I Need A Moving Insurance?

Suppose you’re planning to move out of state and have many expensive valuables. In that case, you may want to think about getting moving insurance through your moving company or additional coverage via your home insurance.

For example, if you’re relocating from South Carolina to Florida during hurricane season, you may want to consider extra protection in case your things are damaged. However, if you’re moving a few blocks away, you may not need extra coverage beyond what your house insurance or moving company currently gives.


Our Moving Company Insurance Options

To ensure that all of our client’s needs are met, we provide various moving insurance options here at Jordan River Moving & Storage.

Listed below are a few of the insurance options we offer:

Local Valuation Coverage

Any company moving household items should be prepared to assume liability for any valuables they handle. The level of value protection selected by the customer dictates the amount of liability a carrier must assume.

Cross Country Coverage

To maintain our status as a legally authorized common carrier, we are obligated to provide consumers with no-cost limited liability protection. Loss or damage to your item(s) is limited to $0.60 per pound, per choice, under this policy. is aware of the challenges associated with moving. Having your goods properly insured may be a massive weight off your shoulders. You may relax about the safety and insurance of your things and concentrate on other parts of the move.

TGI Moving Insurance

Moving individuals, third-party movers, and household-goods shippers may all get the protection they need from TG International (TGI).


What Isn’t Covered Under a Moving Insurance Policy?

Even while most moving insurance policies cover anything that is transported and handled by the moving crew, there may be certain valuables that are not covered at all. Loss, damage, or theft of such items during the move will not result in compensation.

The following are some instances of unprotected valuables:

  • Perishable food and beverage products.
  • If precious valuables are moved without the movers’ knowledge, you must notify moving firms in writing if they will be handling objects of significant value.
  • A piece of property that a natural disaster has harmed. The incident, in this case, was not caused by the moving staff’s negligence or abuse; hence, the moving crew cannot be held accountable.
  • Dangerous valuables are packed without the moving crew’s knowledge.


What Happens When Something Is Damaged?

Moving without damaging your valuables is a top priority for Jordan River Moving & Storage. Knowing the types of coverage you have and what to do if any of your valuables are ruined is crucial since accidents can happen.

Does Homeowners Policy cover my move?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover household valuables during a move or cover them only under particular conditions, depending on the situation’s specifics. While your homeowner’s policy will cover your things while packed at your house, it will not cover them while in transit, which is why you need to get moving insurance.

Moving company insurance South Carolina might be the best option if you are worried about this, and the value does not seem to give enough protection.

How Much Does Moving Insurance Cost?

Damaged or broken valuables during a move are often not covered by homeowner’s insurance unless an insured event caused the damage. An additional layer of safety is available from several insurance companies for your move. Contact your insurance company if you have questions regarding your policy’s coverage or potential risks. Pricing varies depending on factors, including the scope of coverage needed, the value of your valuables, and how long your move will take.

The cost of moving insurance may depend on factors such as the value of your valuables and the kind of coverage you choose from a moving company. Most moving company insurance South Carolina will give either released value protection or basic insurance at no cost to the consumer for an extra fee. In addition, you can purchase complete value protection, which will compensate you for 1% of your possessions’ total appraised value. Price quotes from third-party insurers typically run between 1% and 5% of the total amount.

Protect Your Move With Movers Insurance

At Jordan River Moving & Storage, we have a team of trained professionals who would be happy to help you choose which insurance and moving plan best fits your needs.

If you’re considering purchasing moving insurance to secure your move, get in touch with Jordan River Moving Company. Let us discuss insurance options, moving services, and potential moving dates with you to ensure a smooth and efficient move.

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