Medium/Large JRMS Box


Make the packing of your household commodities an easy task to handle with the right packing kits from Jordan River Moving & Storage. We have just made packing a home or corporate office a lot easier. Now you can order every kind of moving kit from us. Every item will be neatly packaged and delivered to you. Our products include boxes, packing paper, packing tape, and permanent markers for marking your packed boxes.

Our customer service is always there for you in case you have any questions regarding your packing products and pricing. We offer high-quality moving boxes for every kind of need such as book boxes, file boxes, medium boxes, wardrobe boxes, etc. Contact us to find out about all our moving products that are going to make a smooth move.

You might wonder, “Why do I need all this stuff, my moving is pretty small!” No matter what size of move you are planning you need the right materials. Trust us when we say “Moving without the right boxes not only can damage the products inside but also makes the move much unorganized”

We don’t want our customers to go through all this. This is the reason that we not only provide moving services but also moving-related products for making the moving smooth.

Even if you are moving from a small house, you will still require small moving boxes, medium and large moving boxes. It’s essential to pack commodities according to their size and weight. You can order all these moving related supplies and more from the Jordan River Moving & Storage website.