moving services


A local move is one of the most underrated moves by many house owners. Too many people think that it can be done without any type of professional expertise. The truth is local moves can be very difficult, you need to make sure you are properly organized. Many people think they can do it by themselves. They rely on friends and relatives but this can end in disaster. If you don’t choose a licensed moving company there is no guarantee the items will be moved without hassle and damages.

Jordan River Moving & Storage makes you think twice about your approach towards local moves with our top-notch moving services. Stuffing your personal belongings into bags or boxes is not in any way a proper packing technique. You need to do proper packing and for this, you need professional packers. Damage to your belongings can be avoided if you hire a professional moving company.

There are many benefits to hiring Jordan River Moving & Storage. We not only help you through the entire moving process, we provide essential tips to prepare you for your move. Our main goal is to ensure your local move turns out to be a positive experience. Get the most affordable and detailed moving estimate from us.

Our local moves are charged by the hour. There is no charge to professionally wrap your (non-fragile) furniture in padded moving blankets. We also provide wardrobe boxes free of charge for use the day of the move. There is a one-time travel charge which is to compensate for the drive from our office to your pickup address and back to our office from your delivery address. Packing materials are charged per use. You are not required to use our materials, we can use your boxes if you already have them.

Come and see for yourself what we mean by handling your local moves swiftly, professionally, and securely. We are just a phone call away, reach us now at 1-877-611-0808