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Have you been offered your dream job, only to discover you will have to move across the country? Or perhaps you have been dreaming about packing up all of your belongings to start fresh in a new location? If this thought has ever entered your head, or the opportunity has presented itself, you are probably wondering, “How do I move across the country?”

To help make this dream become a reality, we have compiled the best moving across-country tips. We have researched the most helpful recommendations and ideas on preparing to move across the country to make you feel more secure and ready.


how to move across the country


Whether you are looking for tips for moving across the country alone or with your significant other and children, you are sure to find helpful insights in this post to help make your journey a little easier.


Part Ways with The Unnecessary Stuff

To begin to answer the question, “How to prepare to move across the country?” First, we will suggest parting ways with all of your unnecessary stuff. It is one of the best packing tips for moving across the country. Thinning out your belongings not only aids in creating a fresh start, but it also, quite literally, lightens the load.


Get the Help of Your Family and Friends in Packing

One of the best tips for moving across the country is to enlist the help of your family and friends. It will help save you some time and money. Whether you are packing up an entire house, apartment, or room, there is sure to be a lot of furniture and boxes that you have to pack.


Think In Advance: Driving or Flying

One of the biggest things to consider when moving across the country is determining whether you should drive or fly. Driving has many benefits, for starters, it is an easy way to transport your car to your new home. It also allows you more room to pack items that may not fit in your moving truck or are valuable to you.

If you decide to fly, there are some additional things to plan for. One of the most important ones is moving your car across the country.


Do Research About the Cost of Moving

Even with persuading your friends and family to help pack your items, moving across the country can become expensive pretty quickly. One of the best moving across-country tips is to receive a few quotes from various moving companies to ensure that you get the best prices in your area.

Another tip for moving across the country is to make all of your travel plans in advance. Book your hotels, moving company, and flights at least a month before your move. It not only ensures you will have a place to stay, but it also allows you to compare prices and find the best deals.


Choose the Best Moving Company

Finding the best moving company has the power to make your trip across the country run smoothly. While you are shopping around and comparing quotes for various moving companies, it is essential to make sure the company you choose is licensed and insured. It is a good sign that they are trustworthy and not a scam.

Be sure to read the reviews left by previous customers. Reviews can give you insight into the trustworthiness and reliability of the moving company.


Buy Moving Insurance

One of the most critical moving across the country tips is to purchase moving insurance. Paying extra for full coverage will cover your belongings at cash value if they go missing or are damaged. If you are looking for comprehensive coverage, you can buy moving insurance through a third-party company.


Before Moving Taking Photos of Your Items

Another moving cross-country tip is to take photos of your belongings before packing them. It will ensure that everything has been delivered and help you plan out your new space. It can also serve as evidence if your items arrive missing or damaged.


Keep the Essential Stuff With You for Safety

Another packing tip for moving across the country is to keep your valuables with you. Meaning, do not pack them in the moving truck or your luggage. Moving trucks can be a victim of theft, and baggage gets lost.

Packing a separate box with your important documents, expensive jewelry, and sentimental items ensures their safety.

Another tip for moving across the country is to keep a bag filled with extra clothes, medicines, and toiletries. If you are driving to your destination, you never know if there will be added delays. Having essentials on hand will help make these unexpected setbacks a little easier to manage.


Get the Contact Information of Your Driver

It is possible that even if you are driving cross country to your new home, you will arrive before your moving truck does. Asking for your driver’s contact number allows you to keep in touch with them and receive updates.


Examine Your Items Condition After Moving

While unpacking, it is a good idea to evaluate all of your belongings to ensure they are in the same condition as you left them. Then, if some items break, you can contact the moving company and file a claim. This is where taking photos of your belongings pays off.


Consider Giving Tips to Your Movers

If your movers went above and beyond to help make the moving process easier for you, you should consider giving them a tip. Tipping each mover in cash is an excellent way to thank them for their hard work.


Make Sure to Change Your Address Information

Changing your address might seem like a hassle, but you can complete this process at several locations. You can either go in person to a USPS store, complete a form online, change it over the phone, or by mail.


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Explore Your New Home Area

Now that you have read our list of moving across-country tips and know how to move across the country successfully, it is time for the fun part.

Wander around the neighborhood and get acquainted with your surroundings. Eat at a local restaurant and find a nice park to take a walk. It is time to enjoy the unknown and embrace your new environment.