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Moving and relocating elderly family members from homes proves incredibly challenging. Many older individuals feel reluctant to leave behind sentimental items and move their belongings to an entirely new home. Without professional senior moving help, moving older adults to nursing homes and assisted-living facilities often becomes difficult.

Thankfully, senior move management services make the moving process much more straightforward. Highly trained senior moving services help with every aspect of the moving process, from packing and unpacking boxes to arranging the sale of unwanted items. When you work with senior move management teams, you gain access to countless services designed to expedite and simplify the moving process.

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of senior move management services. No one wants to see their parents move to assisted-living facilities; however, in many cases, elderly individuals benefit greatly from dedicated facilities prepared to meet the needs of their occupants. Senior move managers pride themselves on hassle-free moving assistance for seniors.


What Is a Senior Moving Service?

Senior moving services help seniors move from home to nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, retirement communities, and memory-care organizations. Senior moving managers strive to alleviate the burden of relocating elderly parents. Trained professionals helping seniors move offer years of experience in related fields such as healthcare, nursing, social work, or professional moving services.


The many services offered by senior move management companies include the following:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Sale, auction, donation, estate sale, and consignment of unwanted items
  • Communicates directly with moving companies
  • Shipping and storage of household belongings
  • Downsizing
  • Crafts new floor plans for updated living arrangements
  • Emotional support and senior moving assistance

Working with a senior move management team can significantly reduce the costs, stress, and unknowns of moving seniors into new living arrangements. Many senior move management companies can accommodate local and long-distance moving and offer moving insurance to protect household items from damage. Find help for seniors moving by contacting your local moving company for more information about senior moving services near you.


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Why Choose a Senior Moving Company

A move for seniors causes stress, emotional turmoil, and hard decisions regarding item disposal and retention. Senior move management teams specialize in meeting the needs of elderly populations. The backgrounds of senior moving professionals vary, but many experts have previous training as attorneys, geriatric care physicians, and professional movers.

Individual family members scheduling moving services, sorting through endless boxes of sentimental items, and arranging the sale of properties can become overwhelming. Allow senior move management professionals to help you through the entire moving process. By hiring trained professionals, family members can focus on the emotional well-being of themselves and their senior relatives.


Additional reasons to work with a senior moving company include the following:

Sorting and Packing

A large home filled with sentimental items, books, dishware, photos, and goods can take weeks or months to sort. Professionals can prevent family members from spending unnecessary time sorting through boxes. Senior moving companies sort, protect, and pack every item in your senior family member’s home.


Loading and Unloading

A standard moving company lacks the expertise or training to meet the needs of seniors moving. Senior move management organizations undergo extensive training to provide high-quality loading and unloading services for elderly individuals. Professionals work directly with senior individuals and family members to determine the disposal and resale of various household items.


Property Listing

Top-tier senior movers can help arrange the sale of properties. Family members helping their older relatives move lack the time, skillset, or resources to find quality realtors, prepare homes for sale, and field questions from potential homebuyers. Senior move management teams can handle every aspect of the home-selling process.


Cleaning Services

Uncleaned homes may affect the resale value of residential properties and make sorting through boxes difficult. Cleaning services offered by senior move management teams clear away debris, ensure safe indoor air quality for movers, and simplify moving seniors from their homes.


Tips for the Stress Free Moving of Seniors

Elderly family members feeling uneasy about moving to a new home may make the moving process difficult. Seniors who wish to sort through every item of their homes individually can halt moving projects, upend moving schedules, and frustrate family members. Follow the tips below to ensure hassle-free moves for your elderly family members:


One Thing at a Time

Large-scale moving projects involve a wide range of tasks. For example, attics and basements filled with items require sorting and organizing before the resale of homes, family members’ schedules must coordinate, and the care of seniors must continue despite all the moving parts. Relax, take a deep breath, and tackle one thing at a time.

Create a schedule and follow the lead of senior move management teams. Set aside time to carefully sort through boxes during the beginning of the week and save all cleaning projects until after the moving process commences. Specialized moving services can help you organize, plan, and execute successful moving projects for your elderly family members.


Call the Professionals

Senior move management specialists have the skills, training, and experience to help elderly individuals transition to new living arrangements. With the help of professionals, you can relax knowing your senior family members will benefit from the years of experience of trained professionals. Senior move managers handle all the logistics, scheduling, cleaning, packing, and moving services you need.

Contact your local moving professionals to learn more about the benefits of moving assistance for seniors. The doctor, lawyer, or healthcare provider of your elderly relative may also provide helpful recommendations for senior move managers near you. Helping seniors move successfully starts with hiring willing, highly trained professionals.


Finding a Senior Moving Company for a Stress-Free Move

Jordan River Moving & Storage has provided world-class moving services for many years. Our experts have helped hundreds of elderly individuals move seamlessly to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and retirement communities. Call Jordan River Moving & Storage to speak with our senior move management team and receive your quote today!


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