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Have you been searching for the best Seattle neighborhoods? Seattle, WA, hosts countless communities across an 80-mile radius, giving potential homebuyers extensive options when choosing their preferred living spaces. Whether you seek a quiet home close to excellent coffee shops, or a bustling neighborhood rich in dining and nightlife, Seattle has something for you.

The population of Seattle has nearly doubled since 2003, underscoring the affordability and amenities of living in Seattle, Washington. Famous Seattle buildings, abundant outdoor spaces, a thriving arts community, and countless fine-dining restaurants make Seattle a wonderful destination to visit and live in. Anyone who enjoys city life but despises the hustle and bustle of larger cities like New York will surely fall in love with Seattle.

If you are moving to Seattle, continue reading to learn more about the most popular Seattle neighborhoods. Relocating causes stress, so consider the following tips for choosing the Seattle neighborhood that best suits your needs. Stay sleepless—or well-rested—in Seattle by exploring the best places to live near Seattle, Washington!


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Best Places To Live in Seattle

Seattle contains residential, urban, and suburban neighborhoods guaranteed to meet your needs. The best area to live in Seattle may prove easier to find than you think. Some of the most popular locations in Seattle include the following:

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is only a few minutes from Downtown Seattle and hosts numerous restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, and much more. Residents of Capitol Hill enjoy easy access to the 50-acre Volunteer Park, a beautifully designed park space perfect for outdoor picnics, connecting with nature, and enjoying time with friends. Capitol Hill’s Seattle Asian Art Museum showcases over 25,000 pieces of unique art from all around the world.


Ballard rests within the northwestern district of Seattle and contains the Crown Hill, Wallingford, and Fremont neighborhoods. As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seattle, Ballard has a rich history, evident from the stunning architecture of buildings throughout King County. Waterfront views, active nightlife amenities, and wonderful park spaces make Ballard an excellent place to live.


Best Neighborhoods in Seattle for Sightseeing

Gorgeous views remain easy to find all across Seattle, Washington. However, some neighborhoods have exceptionally breathtaking views of Downtown Seattle, Elliot Bay, Lake Washington, and the Space Needle. The best neighborhoods in Seattle for sightseeing include the following:

Queen Anne

Queen Anne sits a short walk or drives northwest of Downtown Seattle. Flush with sightseeing opportunities, gorgeous views of Lake Union, and easy access to the Space Needle. Queen Anne remains a perfect choice if you love sightseeing, enjoying time outdoors, and exploring the space around you.

South Lake Union

The Seattle neighborhoods of South Lake Union provide a relaxed environment for visitors and residents seeking quiet adventures. Spheres on 7th Avenue contains a one-of-a-kind workspace surrounded by plants, flowers, and shrubs. The Center for Wooden Boats recounts the rich history of boat-building throughout Seattle and makes it an excellent destination for anyone seeking sightseeing opportunities.


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Best Neighborhoods in Seattle for Nightlife

Seattle busts from the seams with nightlife activities. Anyone seeking fun, the inclusive nightlife will feel pleased with Seattle’s wide range of after-dark amenities. Some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for nightlife include the following:


Residents of Belltown enjoy hip bars, late-night dining options, art shows, comedy performances, and much more. Belltown sits directly in the middle of Seattle and serves as one of the most populated areas of King County. Rich in culture, music, and energy, Belltown will surely impress even the most adamant night owl.

Downtown Seattle

Why look elsewhere for active nightlife when you can live front and center in downtown Seattle? The thriving community of Downtown Seattle contains the impressive Seattle Great Wheel, Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle Art Museum, and much more. Popular bars in Downtown Seattle include the Diller Room, Fog Room, and Yard House.


Best Neighborhoods in Seattle for Restaurants

Ensuring access to delicious food can make finding the perfect Seattle neighborhoods difficult. Thankfully, Seattle hosts many 5-star, casual, and vegan options for visitors and residents. The best neighborhoods in Seattle for restaurants include the following:


The Seattle neighborhood of Georgetown lies in an underrated, inconspicuous location for food lovers. Donburi Station Seattle crafts incredible Japanese cuisine while the Georgetown Liquor Company dishes out delicious vegan options, drinks, and bar food. Georgetown, rich in cuisine options for all foodies, ranks as one of the coolest neighborhoods in Seattle.

Columbia City

Multiculturalism shines bright in Columbia City. Some of the most popular restaurants in King County reside in Columbia City, including The Melting Pot, La Medusa, Off Alley, and Jackalope Tex Mex & Cantina. Lovers of spicy Kenyan cuisine, seafood, or Italian delicacies will find joy in exploring the wonderful restaurants of Columbia City.


Seattle Parks and Trails

Seaward Park remains the premier outdoor space for outdoor lovers. Entirely encircled by Lake Washington, Seaward Park provides picturesque views of Downtown Seattle, the Space Needle, well-maintained forest lands, and much more. The City of Seattle hosts walking tours along Seaward Park all year.

Other parks to check out in Seattle neighborhoods include the following:

  • Discovery Park
  • Pier 62 Waterfront Park
  • Gas Works Park
  • Green Lake Park


Safest Seattle Neighborhoods

The three safest neighborhoods in Seattle include the following: 

  • Portage Bay
  • Westlake
  • Madrona

Portage Bay, Westlake, and Madrona have low crime levels, excellent public school systems, and friendly neighbors in Seattle. If you have small children or have concerns about crimes in your neighborhood, Portage Bay, Westlake, and Madrona have everything you need.


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