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Things to Never Pack in Boxes for Storage

Moving and storage go hand in hand. About 42% of renters reported using a storage unit while switching homes. That means you could be packing some boxes for storage when packing to move. Knowing what NOT to pack in those boxes going to storage is equally as important as knowing what TO pack. You could set yourself up for disaster if you’re unaware of everyday items to never send to storage.

Whether you’re planning to keep some items in storage short-term, rent a self-storage unit for a while, or store items in a warehouse with a moving company, you want your stuff unharmed just as you left it. Read this post to learn how to keep mice out, avoid heartache, and keep your valuables safe while being stored. Then, you can pack for storage with these tips in mind.



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Keep mice out

Nobody wants to have their things ruined by mice while in storage. Mice can cause extensive damage, leave droppings everywhere, and carry diseases. Yuck! One of the best ways to keep mice out of your stored boxes starts with what NOT to pack. Leave these things out of storage and never invite mice in the first place.

  • Food: Mice can smell food from far away. Please don’t give them a reason to investigate your stuff. Don’t put any food in boxes for storage. The experts at Jordan River Moving say do not store food under any circumstances, especially in long-term storage. This includes anything perishable such as cereal, flour, rice, or other dry goods. Even in a plastic container, don’t risk it. To be safe, don’t put any food in storage, no spices, canned food, or pet food. No food at all!
  • Scented items: If you can smell it, mice probably can too. This includes scented candles, potpourri, personal care items, essential oils, or anything fragrant.
  • If you can pack your items in plastic bins, do it. Mice can easily chew into cardboard boxes, but plastic containers are more of a deterrent. For example, I recommend packing anything mice might like to use for a nest into plastic bins. These items might include clothing, sheets, towels, and pillows, among other things.

When you store with Jordan River Moving, you also get professional pest control services included so you don’t have to worry. They have an extra protection for you.


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Avoid heartache

Here’s a rule to follow when packing boxes to be stored: if losing them would break your heart, don’t put them in storage! Even with the best moving and storage companies, mishaps can happen. Life is full of unexpected events, and many things could go wrong with storage. A fire, flood, rodent activity, theft, or even unforeseen financial circumstances could put your items at risk for auction. Even though it probably won’t happen, think about it before you pack. Losing irreplaceable sentimental items can be emotionally devastating. Avoid heartache, and don’t store them in the first place.

  • Photos: Including photo albums, baby books, and loose pictures.
  • Yearbooks
  • Personal mementos 
  • Ashes of loved ones: Yes, this does happen. Keep your beloved person’s or pet’s ashes safe by NOT packing any urns or ashes into a storage unit


Passport Camera Cash and Coins on a Table


Keep valuables safe

Your valuables are, well, valuable. If you’re putting them in storage, you’re risking losing them. Imagine if there were a fire or theft. You definitely wouldn’t want to lose your most valuable and hard-to-replace belongings.

  • Jewelry: Especially if it’s valuable, sentimental, or both
  • Cash and collector coins
  • Important Documents: Passports, birth certificates, marriage licenses, visas, and even old identification. You might need this paperwork to get set up in your new home and city, so you’ll want it close by. Also, you wouldn’t want any of it to fall into the hands of someone who may use it to steal your identity!


Pro-tip: No liquids

Packing any liquids in storage can be a big mistake. Liquids can expand and contract with the temperature, especially if your storage unit isn’t climate-controlled. Any leak has the potential to ruin anything the liquid touches. Play it safe and leave the liquids out!

  • Shampoo
  • Cooking oils
  • Bubble bath
  • Bottled water
  • Bottled dressings and sauces, even if unopened. These also break the no-food rule!
  • Cleaning products


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Jordan River Moving protects your items

When you store your items with Jordan River Moving, you can breathe easy knowing you and your items are protected. Your stored items are loaded into a sealed wooden vault. The vaults keep your things off the ground so they stay dry and secure. All vaults are stored inside the warehouse facility at Jordan River Moving.

With Jordan River Moving, you also get professional pest control services included! They hire a professional pest control company to monitor their warehouse facilities to stop any problems before they start. Visit Jordan River Moving’s website to read more about its storage facilities.


Pack with intention

You know the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Boxes tend to compact and crush over time, so make sure you pack them all the way to the top, pack them tight, and don’t leave empty space. Pack smart before you store your items and you’ll be happy you did! Knowing what NOT to pack in your boxes for storage can help you keep mice out, help you avoid heartache, and keep your valuables safe when they are stored.

To learn even more moving and storage tips from the pros at Jordan River Moving, visit our blog.