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Are you moving soon? Are you tired of packing by yourself? Let Jordan River Moving & Storage take the stress out of packing!

Our quick, professional movers can have the packing finished in hours. We have been offering packing services for all kinds of moves for more than a decade. Once everything is packed by our skillful packers, we carefully load your items into our moving truck. At the time of loading, we take complete care of all your possessions for damage-free loading, the same goes for unloading.

We hire only professional packers and provide the most efficient and professional packing services. Let us provide you with information on the most effective way to do the packing the right way, for any type of move.

Who doesn’t want to save money by hiring the most affordable Washington moving company? I know you do, so make the most out of our services by hiring our movers and utilizing our excellent packing services too. This is not all, you get storage facilities too. Save time and effort, hire Jordan River Moving & Storage today!

With Jordan River Moving & Storage you get the most important thing from a company, ‘Reliability’. We offer you free on-site estimates. You can count on our expertise. Our success rate shows our loyal return customers, who keep coming back to us for our professionalism.

Above all, ‘Expertise counts the most in the industry’. Our staff are experts in packing services and loading/unloading of the moving vehicle. They have all the knowledge that is required in this business. We deliver the best moving services every time.

Get in touch with us; we are just a phone call away. Call us now at 1-877-611-0808