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Everyone wants an excellent moving experience, but not everyone knows how to prepare for
one. It’s not impossible – you just have to plan ahead and prepare as much as you can.
In this post, you’ll learn how to prepare for a move during peak season. From when to book
your move to the importance of getting an in-home estimate, the advantages of planning
ahead, and more – and how you can save money, time, and stress in the process.


What Is Peak Season

Peak season is the time of year when moving companies are the busiest. It’s estimated that
about 70% of people who move in a year do so in peak season. Peak moving season is usually
between May 15 and September 15. Moving companies are busy for several reasons. Often,
military members receive their new orders in the spring and summer and must relocate during
this time. Parents want to move when their children are on summer break. The weather is nicer,
the real estate market is better, and college students are moving into dorms. These things
matter because moving companies fill up quickly with the increased demand. If you’re
planning to move during peak season, you have to be informed and plan ahead as much as


Book Your Move ASAP

Booking your move in advance is especially important during peak moving season. If you’re
considering moving during this time, read this post, then book your move immediately—
seriously. Planning ahead is that important. You will have a better chance of getting your
desired move date the sooner you call.

Here’s what to know about booking in peak season:

● All dates are in higher demand during this time.
● Weekends are the most requested days.
● The last weekend of the month is usually the busiest.
● Consider moving mid-week and mid-month if possible.
● Most people want the morning slot for movers to arrive, know this and be flexible.
● You can request the morning slot arrival time, but it is not guaranteed. Jordan River
Moving makes the schedule the day before your move, and will call you with the
estimated arrival time.
● If you’re moving long-distance, you must sign the Bill of Lading 3 days before your
pickup date. You want to book the best day to get picked up because everything else
will revolve around this date.


Advantages of Planning Ahead

For the smoothest move possible, planning ahead is a must.
● Advance planning will give you a better chance of booking the move day you want
before the calendar fills up.
● You want time for an in-home visual estimate with Jordan River Moving. After the
in-home estimate, you can decide on your packing plan. Do you want to hire Jordan
River to pack your boxes or do it yourself? Then you can plan accordingly.
● You need time to consider valuation coverage and insurance options and be able to
decide on the best option for you. Additional insurance is not available on the day of
your move so be sure to purchase it at least 48 hours in advance. To learn more about
moving insurance and valuation coverage click here.
● You will need time to take care of all the small details. Do you need to reserve the
elevator? Where will the moving truck park on a moving day? Will you need to plan to
block off the street to ensure parking for the truck?
● Your Relocation Specialist can help you plan for your move, but the more you plan
ahead, the better.
● Planning ahead saves you time and money.


Why You Want an In-Home Visual Estimate

Jordan River Moving is happy to schedule a free in-home estimate. Make sure you plan ahead
so there is enough time to schedule it before your move. The visual estimator’s calendar fills up
quickly during peak season too- so don’t wait to book!

Why do you want an in-home estimate? Sometimes we don’t realize the amount of stuff we
actually have! Those bikes from the garage, garden tools in the shed, and items from the attic
can be easily overlooked when we try to guess our amount of belongings without help.
Remember, you’re not just moving the things inside your home. You’re probably moving
everything on your property! A professional set of eyes can help. A trained visual estimator will
come to your home to determine the most accurate quote for your move so you can budget
without surprises. The moving company will be able to plan your move based on your
individual needs so it goes as smoothly as possible.

Here’s how it works:

● Estimators are trained to look at your unpacked closets, bedrooms, furniture, and other
spaces to determine the labor, equipment, and time needed to do the job right.
● The estimator will ask you questions about which items you plan to move (or not).
● Remember to mention that statue from your backyard or the piano you want to have
● They can also look for any additional factors that movers need to know for moving
day, like if you have stairs or an elevator, and the length and setup of your driveway.
● All of this information helps your Relocation Specialist determine the crew required,
how many hours your move might take, and if any specialized equipment is
● Now, your moving quote is an accurate estimate based on the knowledge and
expertise of the professionals.
● You know what to budget for, and the moving company will show up on a moving day
without any surprises for anyone. It’s a win-win.


Communication is Key

Moving doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes you realize you must make an extra
stop at storage or pick up items from another location. Be sure to let your Relocation
Specialists know about any updates as they happen, so they can help the movers plan accordingly.
The more notice, the better. Often there will be another move booked after yours
(depending on the size of your move), and it’s crucial to schedule in the right amount of time
needed for your move, especially during the peak season. This is one of the reasons Jordan
River Moving makes the schedule the day before your move and will call you with the
estimated arrival time.


Basic Steps to Prepare For Your Move

1. Hire a reliable moving company like Jordan River Moving.
2. Book your move date ASAP- the best companies fill up quickly, and you want to have
your choice of dates.
3. Make your moving plan- create a timeline and checklist of all the tasks you must
complete before moving day.
4. Get a free in-home visual estimate to accurately measure the amount of stuff that
needs to be moved.
5. Declutter- donate anything you won’t be bringing with you.
6. Start packing as soon as you can. Pack items you know you won’t need right away. You
can pack holiday decorations, winter clothing, and other seasonal items, so the packing
doesn’t feel so overwhelming.
7. Take “Before and After” photos- sometimes moving can cause accidental damage.
Having pictures of your home before the move and after can help in the claims process
if needed.
8. Make your plan for any kids and pets on a moving day.


Plan for Payment

It’s easy to overlook some details in the hectic days before a move. Be prepared with your final
payment at delivery whether you’re moving locally or long-distance. Please note Jordan River
Moving cannot accept personal checks as payment for a move. Are you wondering how
much you should tip your movers? Click here to read about it. Movers always appreciate tips,
especially during peak season when they are in the heat and doing their best to move your
things safely. If you want to tip your movers, have some cash on hand for moving day. On a
personal note, I always offer refreshments like water and Gatorade because it’s a kind gesture.


Local Move Payment

● Payment is due at the end of your move.
● Your foreman will give you the final balance after your move is complete.
● Accepted forms of payment are cash or credit card.
● If you wish to pay with your credit card, some foremen have swipers (think Square
Card Reader), so they can either swipe your card. If the foreman doesn’t have a swiper,
Jordan River Moving will send you the link via text to pay online.
● Please note that payment must be received before the crew leaves.


Long-Distance Move Payment

● Payment is due at delivery.
● You will be given your balance the following business day after pickup.
● Accepted forms of payment are cash, cashier’s check, postal money order, credit card
(with a 2.5% fee), Zelle, or wire transfer.
● Any payments by credit card or wire transfer must be made at least 2 business days
prior to delivery so the office can confirm payment is received and notify the driver.
● Zelle payments must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
● You don’t want to be stuck waiting (and paying by the hour) for the Jordan River office
to open for payment confirmation- especially if you’re in a different time zone!
● *Important note about Zelle- there are limits on the amount you can transfer per day,
so check with your bank to see what they allow.
● Plan ahead and pay in advance, no matter the method you choose!
● All credit card payments are subject to a 2.5% document handling and processing fee.
● You will also receive an email with all of the payment options (including the credit card
payment link) when the office calls to confirm your delivery address and gives you the
balance due.
● Once they have a delivery date range, the office will follow up with a reminder email
including all payment options.
● Please note that payment must be received in full before the driver can unload at


Attitude Matters- Be Nice, Be Flexible

Your movers at Jordan River Moving work hard to get your things packed and moved safely.
During the peak season, they may have a move before yours and after, depending on the size
of your move. They could be unloading a truck in another state, then moving your piano the
following morning. Sometimes another customer remembers the statue from their backyard
needs to be moved, and your movers may arrive at the next move later than expected. Rest
assured that your movers want to deliver your items unbroken and in perfect condition just as
much as you do. They strive to be on time for every move and ensure customers have a
positive experience. They work hard in the heat doing manual labor and remain professional
and positive. I know you’ll treat them with the respect they deserve. They want to make your
move easy and stress-free and have you thinking you’ll never move without movers again.
After all, that’s why you hired movers in the first place!


Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Having a great move can be a reality, even during peak season. If you book ASAP, take
advantage of planning ahead, getting an in-home estimate, planning your basic steps, and remember
to be flexible, you can stay cool as a cucumber on a moving day.

For help with the entire moving process and to book your in-home visual estimate, connect
with a Relocation Specialist from Jordan River Moving by clicking here. You’ll never want to
move without movers again.