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Moving is a massive undertaking, and most people get caught up in the packing of their items, changing their address for essential services, and other administrative tasks that come with moving house. However, another thing to consider (and one that is often overlooked by people that are moving) is how to pack a moving truck with all your personal effects to ensure that they arrive safely and timeously in your new home.


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With this comprehensive list, you are sure to navigate the packing of your moving truck and reduce the stress of your move knowing that your items are safely stowed and will arrive at their destination timeously, undamaged, and more efficiently.


Before Renting a Moving Truck


Decide what kind of truck you need

The first thing to do is to figure out what type and size of moving truck you will need which will depend on the types and size of items that are being moved. Don’t be persuaded into using a smaller moving truck in an effort to save money, as inevitably, a small truck will not fit all your belongings.

As a result, you may need to pay to upsize the truck or arrange for several trips. In either case, this results in more hassle than it is worth, and it is ultimately easier to upsize your moving truck to be sure it can accommodate all your furniture and belongings effectively.

It really helps to do your homework when it comes to looking for moving trucks and calling moving companies and checking their websites will provide very useful information on the types and quantities of items that can be accommodated by their fleet of trucks.

Very importantly, ensure that the moving truck you book comes with a loading dock. Trying to load heavy appliances, large boxes, and furniture into a moving truck without a loading dock can prove to be extremely difficult, so it is a good idea to double-check with your moving company.


Get Your Moving Supplies Together

This goes without saying, but it is important that all the items you plan to take with you to your new home are packaged well and safely for the journey. Read more about how to pack effectively for a move here.

In short, you will want to ensure that your items are adequately protected once they are packed in the moving truck. Supplies such as furniture pads and moving blankets that are used to close the spaces between your boxes and furniture items can come in extremely handy. They are good at stopping items scraping against each other in transit, as well as stopping your items from shifting around in the truck whilst in transit.

Another item that is important to use is moving straps, which will help hold your items in place during transit and avoid shifting and potential damage.


Prepare Your Items for Transit

Focussing particularly on your furniture, it is important to disassemble items such as dining room tables and couches. This will allow for easier packing because parts of your furniture won’t be sticking out and potentially waste space. Disassembled furniture can easily be put back together and allows for more efficient packing of other items in the moving truck.


General Loading Tips

As a general rule, heavier items should be loaded first, and then lighter items can be loaded. Heavy items such as washers and dryers, couches, tables, chairs, and the like should also be loaded on the bottom of the truck, with lighter boxes and items placed on top of them.

Lighter items can be added last and on top of your heavier boxes or items. Fragile items such as mirrors and crockery can be placed at the very top, to minimize the likelihood of them being crushed by heavier items. Again, using moving straps to secure the lighter items is a good idea, to prevent them from falling and potentially breaking.


The Best Way to Pack a Moving Truck

When packing your moving truck, it is important to be conscious of the weight distribution of your items in the truck, and its effect on keeping the truck balanced and ultimately safe.


Valuables, Important Documents, and Essentials

Valuables such as jewelry, important documents, and similar items should be stored in the cab with you, to ensure that they are safe. Additionally, it is a good idea to keep things that you might need to grab quickly during your move with you as well. Items such as toiletries, medication, and other related items are good to keep close on hand, in case you require them during your journey.


Heavy Appliances

Appliances such as your washer, dryer, and refrigerator should be packed in the very back of the moving truck, closest to the cab. Packing heavy objects closer to the cab helps in keeping the moving truck balanced and the weight evenly distributed.


Heavy Furniture

Furniture pieces that are heavy, such as desks and dining room tables should be placed in the middle of the truck. You can also add heavy boxes such as those that contain gym equipment or textbooks into this area to balance the weight out from the very back of the moving truck.


Mattresses and Box Springs

Your bed base, box spring, and mattress can be placed on the left side of the truck, as well as other large cushions. Be sure to take special care to pad and protect your box spring from potential scratching by utilizing the mattress and cushions as padding.


Couches and Sofas

Your sofa and couches can be packed on the right side of the truck, directly opposite your mattresses and box springs. Again, this helps distribute the weight in the truck evenly, and your sofas and couches can act as padding for the heavier items packed in the middle of the truck, preventing scratching and potential damage.


Heavy Boxes

Any additional heavy boxes you have can be placed in the middle of the truck, as well as along the back end, effectively ‘sealing’ everything in and keeping the truck balanced.


Smaller and Lighter Boxes

Boxes that are smaller and less heavy can fill the space left by the heavy boxes. Packing them next to heavy boxes also decreases the likelihood of the lighter boxes shifting around, potentially damaging what is stored inside them.


How can Jordan River Moving help?

At Jordan River Moving, we can assist with everything from packing supplies, moving equipment, and rental of moving trucks. We can also offer advice on packing, and assist with any questions about your relocation journey. Contact us today to see how we can help.


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