Jordan River Moving Truck Arriving at Home


You’ve hired Jordan River Moving for a local move, and this article is for you! If you don’t know
what to expect on the day of your move, you could be causing yourself unnecessary stress and
anxiety. Don’t worry. I’ll walk you through the process and tell you everything you need to know
about your moving day from start to finish. Knowing what to expect on a moving day will help
you prepare, plan, and have the best experience possible.


The Night Before Your Move

You’re almost ready for the big day tomorrow. You’re probably wondering what time the
movers will arrive! When Jordan River Moving makes the schedule, they try to honor any
requests. Most people want the morning slot for movers to arrive. The schedule is made to
ensure the correct crew, equipment, and amount of time is scheduled for each move. Many
variables are at play, so do your best to be flexible and “go with the flow.” The movers are on
your team. They want your stuff moved as safely and hassle-free as possible.

● Jordan River Moving makes the schedule the day before your move and will call you
with the estimated arrival time.


Moving Day at the Pickup Location

Here’s what you can expect at the pickup location you’re moving from. Moving day can be
stressful even if you’re well-prepared. Rest assured that Jordan River movers are friendly and
respectful and work quickly. If you haven’t hired them before, prepare to be amazed here.

● The movers will arrive in uniform at your home during the time given to you.
● If they are going to be early or late, they will call you. Be flexible. Remember that
everyone is trying their best- even you!
● Upon arrival, the foreman will introduce himself (or herself) to you. The foreman will be
your main point of contact throughout the move. He will be happy to answer any
questions during your move. And yes, the foreman speaks English, in case you were
wondering- I was.
● The foreman will do a “walk-through” with you before starting the work. This is a great
time to point out anything you don’t need to be moved or wouldn’t like packing. Let the
foreman know if you have any items that need special attention or care.
● The moving truck is stocked with various boxes and packing materials that can be used
at your request. The foreman will have a price list on the Bill of Lading.
● Pro tip- if you know you will need extra packing materials like wardrobe boxes, call
ahead so they can make sure to put them on the truck, especially if you’re moving
during peak season.
● There will be paperwork for you to sign at the beginning of the move and at the end.
Make sure you look it over before signing.
● Crews are trained so that you have a single point of contact through the foreman. This
keeps the move going quickly and efficiently.
● You may carry items to the truck on your own, but you cannot load them onto the truck.
● Pro tip- I let the movers carry everything to the truck so I’m not in the way. Plus, they
can do it faster and more efficiently than I can.
● Before leaving the pickup location, the foreman will walk through the home with you.
This is to ensure that everything you need moved has been removed from the home.
● If you think an area might be overlooked or forgotten, leave yourself a note or make a
reminder to check these areas before the movers leave.
● Make sure the movers have your phone number in case they need to reach you after
loading the truck.


Moving Day at the Delivery Location

Here’s what you can expect when you arrive at the delivery location where you’re moving. This
is exciting!

● Meet the movers at the delivery location.
● They will be happy to place items throughout your home wherever you would like- or
reconfigure furniture to your liking.
● Pro tip- make a quick sketch of how you want the furniture arranged in your new home.
You can show it to the movers, so they know where to put the items in each room. This
way, the foreman won’t have to ask you about each piece, and the crew can work more
● Although movers work quickly, they are happy to take the time to make your new home
as comfortable as possible.
● Remember that Jordan River will handle the basic reassembly of furniture (as long as it
doesn’t require special tools).
● Remember that mover can’t reinstall shelving units, mounted cabinets, or TV
mountings. They also cannot reassemble your trampoline, big toy, crib, and other
baby/child-related items.
● Pro-tip- make sure your bed is exactly where you want it. You don’t want to have to
move it yourself after they leave. When I moved the last time, the movers even asked
me how far away from the wall I wanted my headboard since it covered a light switch.
What service!
● At the end of your move, you will be asked to inspect the truck to ensure all your items
have been unloaded.
● You will sign the final paperwork, pay, and tip the movers if you want.
● Pro-tip- I love to tip well for great service. When you see how amazing the crews are,
and compare your experience to moving by yourself, show some love and throw in some
extra dough for a job well done.


Paying for your Move

The office at Jordan River Moving will do a nice job of reminding you of the acceptable
payment options. I wrote them here as a reminder. Be prepared with your final payment at
delivery. Remember that any hiccups here can impact the daily schedule and put a wrinkle in
everyone’s plans. Please note Jordan River Moving cannot accept personal checks as payment for a move.

Are you wondering how much you should tip your movers? Click here to
read about it. Movers always appreciate tips! If you want to tip your movers, have some cash
on hand for moving day.


Local Move Payment

● Payment is due at the end of your move.
● Your foreman will give you the final balance after your move is complete.
● Accepted forms of payment are cash or credit card.
● If you wish to pay with your credit card, some foremen have swipers (think Square
Card Reader), so they can swipe your card. If the foreman doesn’t have a swiper,
Jordan River Moving will send you the link via text to pay online.
● Please note that payment must be received before the crew leaves.


Useful Resources

Senior Movers


Other Useful Tips and Information

Talk to your foreman throughout the move. This is their job and they will be happy to help you
and make sure you have the best experience possible.
● If there are any issues that come up on the day of the move, talk to the foreman. It’s
easier for them to solve any issues during the move than after. For example, if there is
accidental damage to your wall, tell the foreman and he can make a note of it for
● If there are any issues the foreman can’t address or resolve, please don’t hesitate to
call the office. They are there to help you before, during, and after your move!
● Note- movers can’t take away any trash (mattress covers, tape, paper pads, etc.) onto
the truck. They can place any trash into your recycle bins or a designated area at your
request. The movers go directly from one move to the next and don’t have the ability
to store trash on the truck or a way to dispose of it prior to the next move.

● Please take the time to read the Movers Rights and Responsibilities brochure. Click
here to view it online.


You made it!

Knowing what to expect on a moving day can help ensure a successful move. From scheduling
questions to the process at pick up, what to expect at your delivery location, and important
payment info, you will know what you can expect and why. Sometimes, knowing the “why” can
help us understand the process and give each other a little more grace. Jordan River Moving
is there for you before, during, and after your move. If you enjoyed this article and want to
know more about Preparing for a Local Move with Jordan River Moving, click here.

Jordan River appreciates your feedback. They want each customer to have a positive moving
experience and the best way to ensure that is your feedback. They want to hear about your
moving experience. Please complete the customer service survey at the end of your move. You
can also call or email the office to let them know what you liked or how they can improve their