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Moving can be a very costly experience all things considered. Tipping your movers is customary in most parts of the world. The tip you give should be relevant to the level of service that they provide. The better the customer service, the higher the tip should be. The only question is how much should I tip movers?


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Moving heavy boxes is very hard work and takes a strain on the workers. Movers that work hard will minimize our stress levels and help the move go more smoothly. Eliminating as much stress as possible is the key to a successful move.

The general rule of thumb is to leave between 15% – 20% of the total amount. The amount will vary depending on what the movers are responsible for.


How Much to Tip Movers


Rate the level of service

A tip is a reward for hard work and going above and beyond the normally expected level of service. If you were disappointed in the service then this should reflect in the tip. Should you tip movers and how much?


Level of difficulty

The amount you tip will also depend on how difficult the move was. Did the workers need to navigate large staircases or narrow hallways? Did they help you pack and unpack the boxes? The more difficult the job is, the higher the tip should be.


Keep in mind

Some moving companies will include the tip in the overall quote. Don’t just go according to the percentage value. Instead, evaluate the movers based on performance. Be sure to take into account the amount of time, level of difficulty, and other deciding factors.


Tipping Local Movers

A local move is classified as a move that is 50 miles or less. Anything over 50 miles is considered a long-distance move. How much should you tip your moving guys?

The length of time for a half-day move is about 4 hours. While a full-day move is booked at 8 hours.

  • Half day – 4 hours: $15 – $20 per mover
  • Full day – 8 hours $30 -$40 per mover

If you feel they deserve a higher tip, you can use your discretion.


How much to tip long-distance movers

How much should you tip movers and packers? If you need to move 100 miles or more, this is considered a long-distance move.

  • Full-day move – 8 hours – $40 per mover
  • Over 12 hours – $50 – $60 per mover (based on the level of performance)


Is Tipping expected?

The short answer is no, but many people do tip so the workers may have become accustomed to receiving a tip. A tip is given as a token of gratitude.


When is the best time to tip movers?

The tip should be given at the end of the assignment. This will allow the tip to reflect how satisfied you are with the service that was provided. If you would like to tip workers while they are still busy with the job, go right ahead. The worker will feel rewarded and work even harder on your behalf.


Other Ways to Show Appreciation

Unfortunately, sometimes you won’t be satisfied with the level of service you receive. Factors that could impact the tip you leave could include:

  • Attitude: If the mover is rude or has a negative attitude this will reflect negatively on the tip you leave. A bad attitude must be addressed immediately and should be brought to the attention of the team leader.
  • Damage: If any of your goods were damaged in the move or have gone missing.
  • Wasting time: As workers are paid by the hour, they might try to waste time to get paid more. You will notice if the worker is hustling or wasting time.
  • Arriving late: Timeframes are crucial when it comes to moving days. Even a delay of half an hour can greatly impact the entire movie. Lateness must not be tolerated. If there is a legitimate excuse that should be taken into account.

Tipping movers is an excellent way to show your appreciation for a job well done.


Other factors to consider

  • How organized the move was
  • The weather conditions
  • Did they help pack the boxes?
  • Total number of hours on site
  • Difficult conditions
  • How many square feet
  • How many stories does your home have?
  • Is there an elevator or only stairs?
  • The level of duties


Wrapping it all up

Tipping your movers is a lovely gesture that goes a long way. Movers are hard workers so they deserve to be appreciated. It remains up to you whether you would like to leave a tip or not. If you have a good meal, and excellent service at a restaurant then you normally leave a large tip. So why not tip your Packers in the same manner?

The level of service and all other factors mentioned in this article should be taken into account. Do you tip movers? Are there any other factors or tips that this article hasn’t mentioned that you base your tipping on?


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