Couple packing home for a move


You’ve decided to move and hired a great company to help you. Jordan River Moving wants to
make the preparation for your move easy. Here’s exactly what they want you to know.

Keep reading to learn how Jordan River wants you to pack and prepare specific items, what to
know about the payment, answers to questions you probably have, and pro tips from someone
who has hired them several times. Follow these tips, and you’ll have the best moving day ever.


Before Your Move: How to Pack

Have you ever wondered how movers wish you would pack? Knowing exactly how Jordan River
Movers want you to pack will help the moving day go smoothly. Use these specific packing tips
directly from the company to breathe easy, knowing you’re prepared and can make the most
of your time.



● Pack your boxes full so items don’t move inside the box. Movers stack boxes in the
truck and any empty space at the top of a box has the potential to be compacted.
● Seal boxes shut with tape (nothing should be sticking out of the top).
● Label each box with the name of the room it will go in. No abbreviations. Movers will
place each box inside the room you want. How awesome is that?


Filing Cabinets

● Empty the contents and pack them into boxes.



● Single dressers full of clothes only do not need to be emptied (unless they are
Presswood). Movers will saran wrap the drawers in place and wrap the dresser in a
moving blanket. You just cut off the plastic wrap to unpack, and your dresser is ready!
● If you have anything besides clothes in a dresser (books, pictures, etc.), you must empty
the dresser and pack these items into boxes.
● Double and triple dressers must be emptied.


IKEA and Presswood Furniture

I love it as much as the next person, but let’s face it. The DIY install and Presswood don’t
make it the sturdiest furniture. Before the move, the foreman will point out any Presswood
furniture, so you’re on the same page about the risks of moving it. I’ve had Jordan River move
me several times, and they are cautious with my IKEA stuff. I’ve never had an issue.

● Jordan River recommends any furniture of this type be emptied and packed into boxes even
single dressers.



● Movers use mattress bags to protect your mattress. Trust me. You want this.
● The bags are cheap; your moving crew will have them on the truck. You pay at the end
of your move as part of the charge for any extra materials used.
● If you want to buy your own mattress bags, you can. The movers will gladly use them.
In my experience, the price isn’t much different, so I always use their bags.
● If you REALLY don’t want to protect your mattress, you will have to sign a paper
releasing liability for damage. My advice is to use the bag.


Packing Materials

● Sometimes the movers must use extra materials to protect items such as glass tables
and tv screens. The charge will vary depending on the amount used.
● You want this. The charges are never super expensive, and you want your items packed
and moved without damage.
● The moving truck is stocked with various boxes and packing materials that can be used
at your request. The foreman will have a price list on the Bill of Lading.
● Pro tip- if you know you’ll need extra packing materials like wardrobe boxes, call ahead
so they can make sure to put them on the truck, especially if you’re moving during
peak season.
● For more packing tips from Jordan River Moving click here.


How to Prepare Your Furniture

Jordan River Moving does an excellent job protecting and moving your items, especially
furniture. When you see the movers wrapping everything up with padded moving blankets and
tape, you will be amazed at how quickly and effectively they prepare your belongings for safe
travel. The moving blankets are free to use because the movers will unwrap your furniture
upon delivery. Seeing this process makes you think, “This is why I hired movers!”


What to know:

● Jordan River will handle basic disassembly and reassembly of furniture (as long as it
doesn’t require special tools).
● Pro tip- pack a clean set of sheets somewhere easily accessible so you can make your
bed on moving day once it’s set up. Then you won’t have to worry about it when you’re
tired from unpacking the first night. You’re welcome.


How to Prepare Your Appliances

● Disconnect all appliances (or hire a serviceman) before movers arrive.
● Jordan River will not uninstall or reinstall appliances that require special tools.


Don’t Forget This Stuff!

It’s easy to overlook some details in the hectic days before a move. Be prepared with payment
when your move is finished. Please note Jordan River Moving cannot accept personal checks
as payment for a move. If you want to tip your movers, have some cash on hand for moving
day. Movers always appreciate tips! How much should you tip your movers? Click here to read
about it.


Local Move Payment

● Payment is due at the end of your move.
● Your foreman will give you the final balance after your move is complete.
● Accepted forms of payment are cash or credit card.
● If you wish to pay with your credit card, some foremen have swipers (think Square
Card Reader), so they can swipe your card. If the foreman doesn’t have a swiper,
Jordan River Moving will send you the link via text to pay online.
● Please note that payment must be received before the crew leaves.
● Please take the time to read the Movers Rights and Responsibilities brochure. Click
here to view it online.


Questions You May Have Before the Move:

1. What if I realize I need to make an extra stop at a storage unit? It’s usually no
problem but call your Relocation Specialist as soon as possible. They will have to book
more time for your move to accommodate the extra stop.
2. Will the movers take their shoes off inside my home? Nope. They can’t, and won’t,
for insurance purposes and safety. Hardwood floor and carpet protection is available,
but make sure you ask your foreman about it when the movers arrive before your
move begins.
3. What if I have items I don’t want to be moved? Mark them with colored stickers or Post-it
notes. Make it obvious so it’s easy and saves everyone time.
4. Will the movers put the furniture in the correct rooms in my new home? Yes. To
prepare for your move, make a plan for which rooms you want furniture items placed
in. Delivery will be faster, and you will be happy you don’t have to rearrange anything
after the movers leave.
5. Should I reserve the elevator for moving day? Yes! If you have an elevator at the pickup
or delivery, reserve it in advance, and tell your Relocation Specialist if there are any
time restrictions.
6. Where will the moving truck park? Make sure there is ample space for the moving
truck to park at each location. One benefit of getting an in-home estimate before your
move- you can ask the estimator where he thinks the truck should park. He will note
any potential access issues and inform the movers before your move. If you need to
block off any part of the street for the moving truck, sort it out before your move day.
7. Can the movers uninstall or reinstall my shelving units, mounted cabinets, and TV
mountings? No. If you want these things moved, you should detach them ahead of
time. The same goes for anything connected to the physical structure of your home.
8. What about my trampoline, big toy, crib, and other baby/child-related items?
Jordan River cannot reassemble these items for liability reasons. If you want them
moved, please disassemble them ahead of time.
9. Can Jordan River move my plants? They will move plants if you ask, but they can’t be
liable for plant health during or after the move. It’s recommended that you move any
live plants yourself.
10. Can I buy extra valuation coverage or moving insurance on the day of my move?
No! You must purchase moving insurance 2 days before your move date. Some renters
and homeowners insurance may provide coverage during a move. Call your insurance
agent to find out. For additional coverage options, ask your Relocation Specialist. To
learn more about moving insurance and valuation coverage click here.


The Night Before Your Move

● Jordan River Moving makes the schedule the day before your move and will call you
with their estimated arrival time.
● If you think an area might be overlooked or forgotten (attic, garden shed), leave
yourself a note or reminder to check these areas before the movers leave on moving


Have a Great Moving Day

Careful preparation and planning will help you save time, money, and stress before moving
day. Now that you know how to pack and prepare your items, payment details, answers to
FAQs, and my pro tips, you’ll have the best moving day ever!

Wondering what to expect when the movers show up? Click here to read all about what to
expect on a moving day.